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Review:Gabriella Hunter says:

Hey, there its Gabbie from the forums dumping this review on you and I'm sorry that it took a minute. I always tend to get to you guys after recovering from a cold or something, perhaps its some sort for Death Eater curse? Dun, dun, dun!

Anyhoo, on to this! So, I was really concerned about how Harry and the others would be holding up after that battle in the previous chapter. I think that switching POV from Ron to Justin was a smart move too, it gave me a chance to get to know his character better and I feel like someone who isn't as close to Harry would have more of an honest opinion on his actions. I enjoyed just how easy it was to slip into Justin's head too, it wasn't mashed or confusing for me and your flow was so good that it wasn't difficult to follow. Sometimes when people switch POV it feels like a completely different story but your tone stays the same and the looming threat never vanishes.

Harry seemed like quite the stubborn fellow in this, didn't he? I was really shocked that he was willing to forget about his injuries and keep fighting but then I had to remember who this was and thought it wasn't out of character at all. I would have thought he would pass out or something but mentioning how bad he looked and how his injuries were still giving him pain made him appear way more human.

Unlike Superman, who shrugs off his injuries, I like that Harry actually admits to having them and struggling to overcome every single one. I don't think he comes off as a little too perfect or anything but you've written him so well that I can understand his motives perfectly and his determination.

Now, that entire speech that Justin gave to the Healer was excellent. I had always wondered more about his backstory and what he might have been up to during the War and you wrote that very beautifully, I really loved how he explained HIS need to be an Auror, vs. what everyone else expected of him. There are apparently sacrifices being made on both sides and its something that I can sense that changed him completely.

The conversation with Teresa came off as a shock, not only because it was horrible, but its apparent that this Master of hers has thought of every angle. I think that's more frightening than what he might do, he already has a pretty decent idea of what might happen next and I'm not sure what that might mean for Harry and the others. I get kind of scared just thinking about it! Now, I wonder how and if Teresa will ever be able to have a normal life after this and that poor heart pretty much expired. I had a slight suspicion about what had happened to her son but then I couldn't quite believe that it was true and was very upset for her. I was sort of with Justin when he was saying that they should leave her angry to face Jugson later but Harry, of course was right when he said that they would have to carry it with them.

Also, just a thing that I really liked: There are bits of humor in this chapter that ease up the angst a bit that I really enjoyed. The boys felt very fleshed out and while they were going to face off against something that would leave them scarred in some way (I particularly liked that each of them was affected by Teresa in their own way), there's still a smile being shed every now and then.

Now, I really liked this chapter and I don't see any CC's that are threatening to destroy it. I think that you've created a very intricate world and I'm really invested in all of your characters and I'm hoping that you finish up that fourth chapter soon so I'll be able to gush over it like a proper fan girl.

Much love,


Author's Response: Hi, Gabbie!

Harry and the team are bloodied and bruised, but they're all alive. I wasn't sure about using Justin's PoV in the beginning, but I really took a liking to him as I wrote this. He does bring a different perspective and we can see a little of the hero-worship of Harry that you don't get with Ron. At the same time, he's seeing some of Harry's flaws. I thought he was a good lens for this part of the story.

Harry is incredibly stubborn. You're absolutely correct: his injuries do slow him down a lot because he isn't super-human. But he's determined not to let Jugson get away.

I gleaned as much of Justin's back story as I could from public sources and then I sort of set about filling in the gaps. I wanted to make this very personal for him. I think it's clear why it's personal for Harry, but I wanted to show that the other members of the team also have a stake.

Between abuse and dark magic, Jugson more or less elevated himself to being a deity in Teresa's mind. She's sort of like a house elf with no magic by this point. That's part of why the nurse was so reluctant to let the Aurors speak with her. She has a long, difficult recovery in front of her. As far as her son goes, it was very sad, but I wanted to emphasize that Jugson is a monster. He feels no empathy at all for muggles, house elves or really anyone who's not a pureblood wizard fanatic.

I think it's important to slip a little levity into a chapter like this. Otherwise, it just becomes oppressive. It's especially true when you're dealing with young people. In my experience, people this age tend to respond to stress by doing whatever they can to lighten the mood.

I'm working on the final chapter. It's taking so much longer than I thought. The last one is from Harry's PoV and it's really tricky to get his mental state right. I hope you like it when it's done.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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