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Review:UnluckyStar57 says:
Whoa. Whoa. Whoa.

I'm glad that I picked this one-shot to review for you, because I love writing letters. There's something so inherently romantic about it, something hearkening back to bygone times. So when I read about Draco writing letters with only his return address, letters about how he felt so alone and wanted company, I fell for it. YOU TRICKED ME!!!

Honestly, my thoughts about Astoria went from "oh yeah, she's pretty awesome, I totally sympathize with her because she is drawn to letters like I am" to "oh my gosh, why is she so awful?!" I love the way you've presented the layers of Astoria Greengrass's personality--from a seemingly wide-eyed post office clerk to a scheming and devious woman who is willing to choreograph an affair behind her sister's best friend's (dead) back. (Sorry, that was a super long description.)

Anyway. When she met Draco face-to-face and they starting going on dates and such, I believed that things could only end well. But then Narcissa brought up the whole issue of Pansy being Draco's WIFE, and when Astoria kept up the shenanigans, I was a little concerned. Her thoughts about fitting into Narcissa's dresses also unnerved me--clearly she's halfway to psychopathic if she's thinking about inheriting dresses from a woman who isn't even dead yet.

And then Astoria finds the body. And she's OKAY WITH IT. And so she accepts his proposal with all of her scheming and deviousness attached. She's got information on him, and she knows that he's capable of cheating. I'm sure that she's going to make sure that he never cheats on her the way he cheated on Pansy.

Or did he cheat? Because Pansy is obviously not very mobile, and who knows how long she's been there, rotting? Or perhaps she's only just snuffed it--and that's why he proposed.

Oh my gosh, I can't even express how much I'm in love with this one-shot. It's so creepy--and the fact that there are so many twists and chilling revelations only makes it better. You've written a story that, at first glance, looks like a romance. But underneath... Oh no. There's more going on than just love. (Such as obsession and blackmail and utter scandalousness.)

And I got to be the first reviewer! :D

Please write more about this pair of creeps soon. I want to find out how their relationship will affect poor little Scorpius! >:D

~For the August BvB Review Battle~


Author's Response: Hi friend! Thank you for christening my new baby! Haha.

Right?! Who wouldn't fall for it? I mean, it's a bit weird, but they were just so romantic. How could Astoria resist?

Yeah, Astoria was meant to kind of evolve and show her true colors as the story went on. Give her an inch and she'll take a mile, as they say. All she needed was an opportunity. She's already planning out her future and executing her schemes, and she's basically blind to whatever is happening right in front of her. If Draco ever did cheat on her, I imagine she would be the kind of wife to wrap it all up with a bow, quietly dispose of the other woman, and pretend like everything was just fabulous.

And the weird part is that my head canon of Astoria isn't even like that. She's kind and down to earth and makes Draco better as an adult after all that he went through as a kid. I don't know where this psychopathic version came from! Haha. But she is fun.

I kind of leave it to the reader to think about how long Pansy's been dead. (The longer, the creepier, right?) But yeah, Draco in a moment of weakness (and likely some serious mental illness) fits just fine into Astoria's plans. It's all about the image and control and making /her/ dreams come true. She's a predator, and she struck.

I'm so glad you appreciate all of the layers in this story! I think "a pair of creeps" is just about the perfect way to describe Draco and Astoria in this story. They definitely deserve each other, in a sad, twisted way. Not sure if I'll go beyond this point with another story, but never say never, right?

Thanks so much for your fab review :)


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