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Review:UnluckyStar57 says:
Hi Isobel! :D

Ooh, there's my name in the Author's Note! I'm so glad that I could help you out with this. :)

Okay, so this. Is. AMAZING. It's an AU, but I think it's definitely going along the lines of "what might have happened if the Boy-Who-Lived had to die." Instead of being overwhelmed by the "good side," Voldemort and the Death Eaters are getting stronger and have taken the fate of the Wizarding World into their own hands. It's very frightening to think about, really.

Lily was OOC, but that's because it's an AU! I think that it makes sense for her to change a little bit, especially if it's been a year since the Happening in Godric's Hollow. What I'm wondering right now is: What made her change so much? She was so willing to protect her child, to give her life in exchange for his, and now it's the completely opposite case. Perhaps she fell in love with living and decided that it was better just to submit to the Dark Side? And you did mention that this was a Snily... To what extent is it a Snily? Is Lily perhaps... MARRIED TO SNAPE?!?! Is James Potter... DEAD? Oh my gosh, I just thought of these things and now I'm freaking out. I MUST know what happens next! (I'm sure that the answer to all of my questions is "no," but now that I've thought of these things, I can't stop.) So PLEASE update as soon as the queue reopens!

The thing I liked about Lily was that, even though she's sacrificing her son to save her own life, she's defiant about it. That's definitely an attribute of canon!Lily's personality--she is being forced to obey a more sinister power, but she isn't happy about it. And she sacrificed Harry, but she so obviously didn't want to. It was a choice that she was forced to make, and she chose the more selfish option. How many humans can say that they would do the same exact thing? (Probably a lot of us. We have a tendency to be selfish.)

Despite--or maybe because of--its brevity, this prologue was captivating and informative. It gave just enough information to draw me in, and then LEFT ME HANGING. The Dark Lord's speech is perfect--very in canon and VERY Voldemortal. And I liked that he was looking into the minds of potential future traitors--I'm sure that there are probably more traitors than just those three, though.

BUT HE CAN'T KILL HARRY OH MY GOSH. What's going to happen now?! Is Harry REALLY dead? Please say he isn't! Who will save the Wizarding World?! Is it up to Neville now?! Oh no!!! I need to know all of these things!

Sorry, sorry. I'm being incoherent again. (This is usual.) In short, I really love the start of this in all of its dark and scary glory, and I can't wait for you to update!

Also, it was basically word-perfect. Grammar, spelling, syntax, everything. I am SO interested in the characters and what they've been doing since 31 October 1981.

Thanks for requesting a review! Feel free to request again because I'm dying to know what's going to happen! :D


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