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Review:UnluckyStar57 says:
*shuffles in awkwardly after an atrociously long amount of time* HI!!

I'm SO sorry that I haven't reviewed this chapter until now. With the HC and real life getting in the way, I had no time for normal review requests. (And then Event Five made me want to take a break from reviewing. You know how it goes.)

But here I am, back again to give you my thoughts about this chapter!

My first thought: Yay!! There's finally a new chapter!!! :D I sincerely love this story, along with all of Ellie's insanity and Albus' snarkiness. :)

And so, to get myself up to speed for this chapter, I reread all of the previous ones. (It was well worth the time, I assure you!) :D

Something that I would like to see more of in future chapters: At the beginning of this story, you mentioned that Ellie's brother, Chris (that's his name, right?), played a lot of musical instruments and was extremely good at composing songs. Well, is that going to come back anytime soon? I'm a music major in university, and I really like it when music shows up in fanfic. Is there any way that you could weave his musical prowess into the plot? :D

Just a thought. :)

Now, to speak of this chapter:

So Ellie FINALLY figures out what the gap in the shelves is for, and it's going to add a whole lot more fun to the story, I'm sure! Not only does she have ghosts dogging her every step, but now she has a mystery to solve! And she's not like Nancy Drew or Trixie Belden--she's actually crazy and goofy and awesome. :D

I loved your description of how the lion, snake, eagle, and badger interact on the stone. The booping of the snake's nose was so cute! :D But behind the stone was an incredible mystery--what's it doing behind a library shelf in Hogwarts? Is it some sort of gift that Rowena Ravenclaw left behind, similar to Slytherin's Chamber? (It's in the library, so that's why I asked.)

A note about all of the references to different fandoms/works of literature: I enjoy those references. They make me chuckle. :D But I think that using Sense and Sensibility is taking it a little bit too far. Using the names of people is fine--I could imagine Ellie saying things like "Holy Shakespeare" and "Good gravy, Galileo!", but "Holy Sense and Sensibility" is a phrase that I can't really picture anyone saying. BUT! That was the only complaint that I had with any of this chapter. Everything else--the writing style, the timing of jokes, the descriptions--was spot on. :)

To talk about the beginning of the chapter: Oh Albus, you meddling jerk. Spilling all of Ellie's secrets to Ben! Gah! Why can't he just admit that he's in lurve with Ellie already? Everything would work itself out, right? (Well, probably not.)

And it looks like Ellie's got a new ghostie to investigate, on top of everything else she's got going on. Why is the ghost of Charlie-call-me-Chuck haunting his ex-girlfriend? What's going on there?

I guess I'll wrap this incredibly odd review up now, but not without saying this:

PLEASE write/post the seventh chapter soon! I can't wait to read more, and I have so many questions that could be answered in future chapters! I want to know these things! I want to ship Albus and Ellie, but I can't right now because they're still in Snarkytown. :P

So goodbye for now! I'll see you at the next chapter! :D


Author's Response: Aww! Don't feel bad! I'm terrible with keeping up with reviewing myself so I'm just so impressed that you've put in the effort for this story *hugs*

I was pretty excited to post this chapter. I take so long with updates on this one for some reason, because I really enjoy writing it.

I haven't written as much of Chris as I would like. Him and his music awesomeness shall be putting in an appearance very soon...

Ellie is not really cut out for the detective business, but I imagine she read heaps of Nancy Drew novels when she was younger, so she totally thinks she is. Oh, how wrong you are, Ellie...

And I can't say too much about the secret room because it's secret! Also future plot points are in the future, so... NO SPOILERS!

Those references Ellie makes... I went ridiculously overboard with them in this chapter. I think I'll have to dial them down. They lose their effect a little because I use them so often :P Thank you for your feedback on that!

Oh, Albus indeed! And I don't know why he can't admit his feelings - actually I do, but I can't say that :P

Ellie's adventures are just beginning. She's in for a jam-packed year for sure!

I've started planning the next chapter so an update shall be happening soonish! Hopefully faster than this one at least...

Thank you so much for this lovely review :)

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