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Review:MargaretLane says:
*laughs at the description of the homeless wizards*

Yikes, I didn't realise Ron didn't know about their relationship. What a way to find out!

Actually, talking about abandoning your kids, I've a spin-off from The Rise of the A.W.L. where well, let's put it this way, the rejection is a good deal more extreme than Ron's.

And I absolutely LOVE the way Scorpius sees Rose as being beautiful in EVERY way, not just in her physical appearance, because after all, physical beauty doesn't always last. People age, get scarred, all kinds of things. The way Scorpius describes Rose indicates he truly loves her for who she is and not just as a good-looking girl. It's a pity Ron can't see how he feels about her.

And hmm, that's interesting, that he feels Samara and James aren't really suited, but can't quite articulate why.

I like the fact that Lucius was jailed after the war in this. Most versions have him reprieved and the books do seem to hint that way, but in a way, it makes more sense for him to go to Azkaban, as he didn't even finish his previous sentence.

And I think it makes sense that Draco wouldn't have told his son much, if anything about the war. After all, how do you say, "as a kid, I was a pureblood supremacist who joined the Death Eaters and agreed to kill my Headmaster, then was forced into continuing to support them even after I began to realise I was in WAY too deep, as they threatened your grandparents and then one of the most evil wizards in history set up his headquarters in our home. And by the way, your grandfather caused a child to be bewitched into committing crimes just to discredit that child's father." Yeah, not an easy thing to explain.

I think what Harry, Ron and Hermione would have told their children is more open to interpretation, but again it is credible they'd have said nothing. An Irish celebrity whose father fought in World War I said he never spoke of it. And it certainly makes life easier. I managed to tie myself up in knots figuring out what Rose and Albus knew and what they didn't and I KNOW I am going to contradict myself over the details somewhere.

Aw, that's kind of sad, that Draco tells his son he's more like his mother than like him. In the context, it sounds like he is pleased his son isn't like him, because he is ashamed of himself.

I really like the way you portray the effects of the war on various characters - Hermione's trauma, Draco's shame. It makes sense that such horrific events would have lingering effects.

Oh, when he talks about spending time at the Potters', the apostrophe should be after the "s" as there is more than one Potter.

Oh poor Scorpius. This is bound to be a shock to him, but he shouldn't blame himself. It happened before he was born.

I'm glad he found out it wasn't his father.

Author's Response: Hello,

I'm glad you liked my description :).

It seems we have many story-plots in common! I can't wait to read all of yours!

So glad you noticed about Scorp seeing her beauty in more than just the physical sense - he really loves everything about her.

You seem to notice *all* the little tidbits I put into the story. James is a Quidditch playboy and Samara is an American witch who is an international liason to the ministry of magic. She is very professional - and a little older than James. I think it just strikes Scorpius as a little off from the girls he normally dates. Besides, he doesn't usually date them for very long...

I've a few relatives who fought in wars (Vietnam and WWII) and none of them would ever talk about it. Plus, when you have your own children, there is a hope that their life will be better - and without war. I really think it is plausible that *both* sides cling to that hope for their children and want them to live a life without war being a part of it. I also think there is a natural tendency to protect your child from unpleasantness. Discussing the most horrible things that have happened to you might be a bit tough.

Exactly right with Draco! My version is that he was very depressed and never recovered from his family's downfall. He wanted Scorpius to be more like Astoria - and wasn't upset that he was sorted into Ravenclaw.

Scorpius has his own demons. He is still trying to sort out who he is - and still overcoming his parents deaths.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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