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Review:MargaretLane says:
*continues catching up on this story*

Must say I do like the chapter title.

And aw, I like the way Rose tries to console Lily, despite being pretty shocked herself. It seems to fit really well with the character you've developed for her.

One thing I've noticed here is that your characters seem not to be using many contractions. "We're all right. We're home," would seem more natural dialogue than "We are all right. We are home."

*laughs* I'd say it's quite possible the Ministry may not have known Harry was teaching them. After all, they can't tell who is doing magic if there is an adult wizard around. And of course, they probably would make an exception for him anyway.

Poor Rose. It's understandable she feels guilty, but she has no reason to. The whole point of having Aurors around is to protect the public. Sh may have an E in Defence Against the Dark Arts, but I'm sure Auror training teaches defensive spells WAY beyond what would be learnt at Hogwarts.

And even apart from her traumatic experiences, there is a huge difference between using defensive spells in the classroom or with Harry and using them in a really dangerous situation. As Harry said at one point, in a really dangerous situation, you just have to react. The Aurors have been in those situations before and are used to dealing with them or as used to it as you can possibly get, whereas she has probably never had to deal with such a situation before. And then she's dealing with a level of trauma they're not as well.

Poor Rose. She really needs to stop blaming herself and feeling guilty.

I hadn't thought that this is probably how Ginny felt when Harry, Ron and Hermione were on their mission. Her brother, the boy she loved and a girl she was becoming close friends with were all in severe danger, as were a number of her other brothers and her father, who was steering a really risky course by working in the Ministry under Thickness, while remaining involved with the Order of the Phoenix.

And that information about Hermione might help Rose understand why her father is overprotective and so inclined to be judgemental of Scorpius.

Author's Response: Hi again,

Rose does really well when she is caring for someone else - that way she doesn't have to think about her own problems.

I know what you're talking about with the dialogue. I'm pretty sure I need a beta for this. There are a few pitfalls that I just seem to fall into with the technical aspects of writing and it seems that it doesn't matter how many times I edit the chapter myself!

I had a good time with the dueling room scene. I imagined Harry tried to re-live his DA days with that room - haha! Yeah, the ministry probably never found out about it - and if they did, they would turn a blind eye to it - he's HARRY POTTER!

Rose has been in such an abyss the past few years, and she is such a good person that she didn't want to bring anyone down with her. She doesn't see it that way, because we all know that Harry and Ron WOULD have given all their gold to bring her back. (Stealing one of my own lines!)

Rose just doesn't have that think-on-your-feet innate quality when it comes to battle. Maybe part of it is from her past experiences, but I think part of it is just her personality. When she is in a situation as a Healer, however - watch out. That much we saw at the end of this chapter.

I've really come to understand Ginny a bit - from this story and from the series of one-shots I wrote for the House Cup. From the books we know that she is incredibly brave, just like a true Gryffindor. She is also an extremely powerful witch - I think it may have something to do with being the seventh child. She really fought well in the Department of Mysteries during OoP and she was only a fourth year at the time. Not to mention she held her own during the Death Eater infiltration at the end of HBP and, of course the Battle of Hogwarts. But I think her bravery extends to being the strong one and holding her family together while Harry is off saving the Wizarding world, one bad guy at a time. He gets all the glory, but must come home and need someone to give him comfort and support. Not to mention that she has to basically have blind faith that each time he leaves it won't be the last she sees of him. Ok. I've ranted enough about how I feel about Ginny - sorry!

To sum up - there are different kinds of bravery represented in Rose's family and Ginny is one of those.

Yes! I was so glad that you saw what I was trying to do to connect why Ron hates Scorpius and that Hermione might just be another source for Rose to use as a comfort.

Thanks again!


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