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Review:MargaretLane says:
*laughs at the straight roads thing* One immediate indication Ireland was never part of the Roman Empire. There's hardly a straight road in the country.

And that is an awesome idea - having them actually make the roads.

Oooh, I love the idea of Kingsley's reforms having a negative side. Most things do, after all.

And these events have certain echoes of your Nobby story, with the politics and the pureblood extremists and all.

I love Hermione's reaction to Ron actually taking notice of what's going on in the elections. And I can imagine it would feel sort of odd to be protecting people who are under threat due to the hatred they are spreading. But yeah, you can't only protect those you agree with, obviously.

Your news reporters sound so genuine. You've really captured the way reporters speak when reporting on things like elections.

And I LOVE the way the Irish Ministry use "stupid ould pencils", to quote our ex-Taoiseach Bertie Ahern, when he was trying to bring in electronic voting. When I was 12, our teacher brought us down to see part of one of the counts. It was a referendum and I wandered around, counting how many yeses and nos I saw. I think I saw something like 12 nos and about 4 yeses, so that was a pretty fair indication of the way the wind was blowing.

I like the way you have different countries having different systems and stuff. The wizarding world does seem more uniform than the Muggle one, probably because of the smaller populations and greater ease of travel, but at the same time, the British wizarding world is so like Muggle Britain in a lot of ways (even down to the year they start secondary school and the years they do their exams) that it makes sense other countries would reflect their Muggle versions.

*laughs at what Hugo says about Percy, since in my story he spends his time talking about work and how well Lucy is doing, since Molly isn't at Hogwarts yet in my story*

I'm actually really amused at something here, but I think I'll pm you on the forums about it, because it'd be going off-topic here.

That idea of splitting the vote is one of the sort of benefits of our system, where we have 3-5 candidates elected for each constituency, so it's less likely the guy with 40% support will beat the three guys with similar views who between them share 60% of the vote, especially as you can list 2nd and 3rd choices. There are disadvantages too, but on the whole, I like it as a system.

This also reminds me of how Labour declined to stand in the...I think it was the 1917 election, so as not to split the nationalist vote in Ireland, as this was when we were still part of the UK.

I burst out laughing at Seamus Brody's similarity to "guy I probably shouldn't bash publicly by mentioning his name."

And it strikes me as completely likely that issues about pureblood supremacy wouldn't come up in an Irish political debate, because, apart from anything else, we tend to be less direct about certain opinions. I've been rephrasing this over and over again, because I'm not sure how to express it, but I think it very likely that it might be unacceptable to express pureblood elitist views in a political debate, but far more acceptable to actually enact laws benefiting purebloods. Straight talking isn't exactly valued over here.

Author's Response: They do a lot of hands-on stuff. Usually you'd have diagrams, but they need models - and hey, why not build the models themselves?

Everything has a negative side. Give people the right to vote, you have to trust them to make a good choice.

Pure-blood extremism is a theme that I focus on constantly, and as it was the cause of both wizarding wars, Nobby's problems, Grindelwald, and Slytherin leaving Hogwarts, I think it's safe to say it's an important issue in the wizarding world!

Haha, I love my Ron/Hermione. It wasn't deliberate, but I suddenly found myself shipping them. It's a good stable relationship, unlike what most people claim to expect. She teases him all the time, but he doesn't mind.

Thank you! I love writing commentary (and there's quite a bit more TV-listening later) I may have been watching the European elections whilst/immediately before writing this chapter (spoiler: I was), so that helped me get the reporting style! My plots are so affected by my surroundings it's ridiculous, but I love this section and what it (kind of) resulted in later.

Magic quills, with ID charms so people can't vote twice or on someone else's behalf and so votes can't be modified!

I'm simultaneously writing this response and replying to the PM.

The vote splitting's inspired by something mentioned in the round-up of the European elections about UKIP and the Tories sharing a portion of the vote, and that reducing both of their chances. Your system is certainly better in that regard. But can you see the start of party politics in magical Britain?

Thank you for yet another awesome review! *hugs* *runs back to PM*

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