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Review:Iellwen says:
Sam!! You've updated this story so quickly, I'm so happy!! ♥

How I loved this chapter!!

Stephen Odell went to school with David - as in Theodore's mentioned brother?
When Stephen found the corpse in Gringotts I had to think of Theo; did he kill that stranger? He is a powerful enough wizard, having cast shields around his Manor that even Hermione didn't recognize!
Why would he kill that stranger (who I, like Jane, hope was already dead when it happened) - to protect Hermione from the first chapter's creepo (who called Theodore 'Theo' so probably knows him personally, I now think).

I'm a bit confused because I thought Hermione was being tortured in the first chapter yet her behaviour in this one doesn't seem to fit the part - so was there another girl (I just realized my foolish assumption, as the girl is not named!) being tortured in front of Theo? The mystery thickens - I love it!

I love the way you tell the reader that Hermione counted the minutes and seconds before Harry answered - the way you give out information is, all in all, genius and a delight for the brain. Just enough to tease, not too much so as to not disrupt the flow. It makes the reader really want to skim through what you've given so far, looking for clues. ^^

I really love the dynamics between Hermione and Theodore as well as with Harry. Hermione and Theo obviously don't get along yet tolerate and endure each other for Harry's sake. Harry is hiding out, letting his wounds heal in a safe environment where he doesn't feel the pressure of being the Chosen One (which, by the way, I think is genius of you because Harry didn't like it before and it's only logical that after Voldemort's defeat, it got even worse) and even if he's living with a Slytherin (boo, evil, manipulating Slytherin that will turn him against his friends!! That made me laugh, coming from a fellow snake :D )

I ADORE Theo's views of Ron and Ginny! Very cold yet it's believable; if you twist the events and don't take their feelings into consideration, Ron really is unreliable and Ginny is very stalkish (a bit like James was with Lily ^^) so I love that you quickly showed those aspects through Theo's words!
I wonder what is his reason for disliking Hermione (besides, maybe, being forced to kill to save her?! Hehehe) and if he's just pretending not to like her when he actually does :D

I'm thinking... There's no immediate proof that the bra Hermione found belonged to one of Theo's conquests. After, Harry's a guy, too ;)
Ah, so typical of Griffies, immediately assuming the worst of us snakes! xD

I'm very much looking forward to reading about Harry and Hermione's quiet breakfast, because I'm expecting something to go (terribly) wrong but can't forsee what :p
I'll be regularly shaking you (hey, since it seems to work! ;) ) for the next update!!

This was an awesome chapter that I loved reading! ♥


Author's Response: Hey!

I basically updated it just for you, so I'm very glad you liked it. :D

Stephen went to school with David, who is Theodore's mentioned father. Theo is an only child. Stephen is his godfather.

Did Theodore kill that man? That is a question which will be answered in chapter three... I think. No, I'm sure it will. Why the man died won't become clear for a while, or why he was targeted won't be. Theo and the bad guy will be revealed at the end.

The plot thickens - who is this girl that was not Hermione? ;)

Thanks. I love writing mysteries for that reason - clues. I put clues to all my subplots in all my stories, but mysteries are the best because I know people are looking for them and I get to wonder if they've found the right one. ;)

Hermione is very concerned for Harry. Every second he's silent is a second she's afraid of what's going on in his head.

They really don't like each other, though Hermione's is maybe more superficial than his. She doesn't really know him, only what she's seen so far. Whereas he has is reasons, though they only mean something to him and can be seen as selfish to others. They're both as bad as each other. Harry definitely needs that distance, a safe environment away from almost everything to do with magic with someone who understands a little more than others.

Haha! That made me smile writing it. We have such a bad rep. They're bound to think it.

I sat down and I looked at them through Theo's eyes and it definitely fits it you don't take feelings into consideration, which he doesn't because he doesn't like them (okay, he may be willing to put up with Ron more than the others, but only a little). Hermione will figure out why his opinion of them, or of Ginny mostly, is so cold later.

Maybe it didn't belong to either... ;)

Thank you so much for leaving a review! And yes, continue to shake.


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