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Review:MargaretLane says:
I was wondering how you'd characterise Scorpius when I was going on about the difficulty I'd had figuring out how to do so in my response to your review. I like the fact you've placed him in Hufflepuff. That leads to all kinds of speculation as to what he might be like.

And I'm now wishing I could read a spin-off of this about your Albus, Rose and Scorpius starting Hogwarts, but I guess you have more than enough to be writing. Both Albus and Scorpius sound like really interesting characters.

Hmm, I wonder why Hugo thinks he'll end up in Hufflepuff and if he actually will.

Love the idea that the Muggle world deals with some disabilities better than the wizarding world does. Your explanation makes sense, as the wizarding world DOES seem to work off the assumption that everything can either be solved by magic or should else just be dismissed, like its treatment, or lack of treatment of many of those suffering mental illness. Of course, we don't know exactly what happens, but there seems to be little effort made to cure people like Gilderoy Lockhart or Neville's parents; it seems to be more about containing them and protecting them from any kind of physical risk.

I LOVE Hugo's responses to the question about which question has no answer.

Those riddles get progressively more difficult to think up the more of them you have to invent.

And actually his description of Hogwarts makes me realise how difficult it would be for him there. Everything moves around so much, he wouldn't be able to remember where it is and wouldn't be able to see how it'd changed.

Yikes, Hugo's thoughts about how everybody'd be better off without him are getting concerning. Those are pretty dark thoughts.

Baked apple. That was one of the first things I made in cookery class when I was only a little older than Hugo. We started learning to cook in our second last year of primary school, which would be equivalent to the last year of primary for ye, I think. I'd have been nearly 11. I don't think I'd ever even HEARD of baked apples before that.

I think it's a bit unfair of Ginny to try and pressurise Harry into living at Godric's Hollow. It's surely something he needs to be comfortable with.

And I still think it's awfully sad the way kids in the wizarding world go away to school AT THE AGE OF ELEVEN and only go home for fairly short holidays. Even at COLLEGE, pretty much everybody I knew at least went home for weekends and we were all adults or pretty close.

*laughs* The comment about the security risk of Quidditch is rather timely for me, as a short while ago, there was a fuss here about security at a G.A.A. match. It was seen as insulting to the supporters, as if they were expecting trouble, though they said it was just because of the crowds.

You've written that they are bickering about "who's career is more active." I think it should be "whose" because it's not short for "who is" in that context.

Also there are a couple of sentences when Ron is being criticised for eating too much that I'm not sure whether Hermione or Ginny said. I guess it doesn't really matter anyway, but I'd like to be clearer who's speaking.

Snuffles!? *laughs* Yes, I think Sirius would be amused by that.

Author's Response: I've got a bit of character for all of them. I'm kind of thinking that when Hugo makes it to Hogwarts, I'm going to change the style (person and tense) so that I can do POV switches and not just work from Hugo's perspective. Then they'll all feature. The overarching plot is taking shape in my head, but of course I've got this novel to finish and probably one for next "year" to write before I get there!

Hugo thinking he'll end up in Hufflepuff is due to the stereotype of Hufflepuff being the leftovers - while his parents (Hermione especially) constantly tell him that it's about being hardworking and loyal, he thinks he'd be there because he's disabled and not good enough for any other House. As to whether he ends up there or not... I do know now, but I only decided when I got to about chapter 15.

You love them? I like them, but they also show his kind of self-hate/self-pity (and the fact that he can get a bit morbid sometimes). And yes, I could imagine them getting very hard to think up! I spent long enough on that one (and that was knowing that I wanted Hugo to give an answer like that).

He has mood swings. Major ones. And when he's miserable, he gets into a lot of self-hate. He's really happy sometimes, but he does descend into very dark thoughts.

We have baked apple a lot! But now instead of coring the apples and stuffing them with fruit and sugar we just quarter and core them and sprinkle the sugar on top. It's easier, and it always explodes anyway!

It is unfair. I had a bit of a fight with that bit of the chapter, but Ginny doesn't mean to be unfair. She's trying to help him, just doesn't understand fully how he feels. And Harry works himself up about it, so it's not just her being overly demanding, but she doesn't really get how hard it is for him. And she's a very determined woman when she sets her mind on something.

Yes, I think it's sad. I know you've got that as a huge theme in your own next-gen. I feel it's actually worst for muggle-born students, as they're going to this whole new world at the age of 11 and suddenly everything's changing and they only have a few months to get used to the prospect of leaving home. And they're not just leaving home but having to figure out everything all at once about this world they didn't even know existed. And their parents get very little choice about whether they send their children or not.

Thank you for pointing those out. I will genuinely go and fix them now! (Usually I think about it and decide it's not worth bothering, but I've actually got some pride in this story!)

Haha yes, I think he would like it a lot.

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