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Review:MargaretLane says:
I like the way Scorpius immediately recognises that Rose is finding things a little difficult.

"Professor" should have a capital "P" when it's used as a title, so it should be "Professor Longbottom," not "professor Longbottom."

Yikes, Rose doesn't exactly hold back, does she? Commenting like that on Albus and his girlfriend's relationship. And yikes, Dom is even more direct. They don't exactly maintain privacy, do they? *laughs*

Just a random fact: "Colleen" is actually the Anglicisation of the Irish word for "girl", which is spelled "cailín," but pronounced the same.

Love the relationship you've created between Albus and Rose, where they confide in each other like that. And his comment that they've been worried about her for a long time.

YIKES! Death Eaters, still! More than twenty years after the war. At this stage it must be about 28. I guess it's not entirely surprising, but I REALLY hadn't expected it, especially not after such a relaxed pub scene. I wonder what's going on now. *is intrigued*

"Potters'" should have the apostrophe after the "s" as there is more than one of them.

And I think Scorpius is right to send Rose to go and get Lily. For one thing, somebody probably should. A sixteen year old shouldn't be involved in something like that. Despite what Harry and his friends got involved in at younger ages, it's not exactly ideal. And Rose isn't an Auror or in any way trained in battle, apart from her Defence Against the Dark Arts lessons, so when there are Aurors there, there's no need for her to be involved, especially when she already has trauma from a previous attack and doesn't need it reinforced. AND when they still don't know what that guy's intentions were and he COULD well be involved with the Death Eaters for all they know.

Now, admittedly, part of the reason I'M thinking that is because I assume you must have some reason for bringing them in and your characters don't have the same reason to suspect his involvement, but I still don't think it's a good idea for her to be fighting unknown Dark Wizards when they know there's at least one that seems to have some particular interest in her.

And of course, the last part does seem to imply that yes, it is Rose they are after. I really wonder why.

This does seem to fit with the possibility of revenge, but even if that's true, why specifically on Rose? You'd think they'd be more concerned with Harry's kids, if anything.

Unless of course, it's somebody Hermione or Ron played a specific part in defeating. I can't exactly remember who they dueled in each book now. I tend to skim over the duels and just wait for Dumbledore's explanations as to what's going on anyway. Hmm.

Author's Response: Hello again,

I'm still working through all of you amazing reviews. I'm glad you noticed the interaction with Scorp and Rose. It was sort of my way of putting in that, when you are recovering from some severe trauma, you have good moments and then some setbacks. I think crowds will always bother Rose (I'm not a big fan of a tightly packed pub myself).

Yeah, the Death Eaters are back - and you are right, Stannous is their leader this time. He's been busy creating a small army to do his bidding.

Lily did need someone to fetch her. She is very naive still and Al perhaps shouldn't have sent Rose, but in the heat of battle, he thought it would be best if they both got out of there as quickly as possible.

Haha - this group has been friends since the train ride in during first year! It's been mentioned before that Al and Selenia aren't exactly *shy* around others. I think they can say just about anything to each other. Dom can pretty much say anything to anybody, she's just that type.

I chose the name Colleen because she is the daughter of Dennis Creevey. I thought he would've chosen to honor his brother by naming his first born after him. Since he had a girl - he went with Colleen, the female version of Colin. (Loved your fact, by the way!)

I love your guesses - but I can't say anything more just yet...

Thanks again!


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