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Review:marauderfan says:
Hi! Very sorry with how long it's taken me to get to your request! I was in the middle of nowhere for a month with no internet. Please forgive me - here's some cake as a bribe.

Also, HOW did you get 11 new chapters up while I was gone?! ELEVEN? Actually I'm kind of excited to have so much to read now :D

Ok but now your review. Sir Cadogan escorting Emily and Tristan was funny. Actually, everything Sir Cadogan ever does is funny, both in the books and in this fic. :D And I definitely noticed all sorts of hints at a future Tristan/Emily relationship, although probably very far in the future, since I think Tristan is pretty oblivious to his friend's feelings.

This was a great chapter - sounds like a blast of a party! I love that Tristan invited Oliver. And that he was the only one calling in requests on Muggle Music Hour. And a dance party! That sounds like the best dance party ever.

The chapter may have been primarily fluff/filler, but this is where the Weasley twins learn about the Hogwarts kitchen, and that's a huge event! Hahaah, poor twins though, that's a rough night. What I really love about this chapter though, is that it shows how much the misfit Hex Head group shares with the twins and vice versa, how mutualistic their friendship is. The twins let them in on their secret passageway, Emily shares her secret of the kitchens. I thought it was sweet.

Potential discrepancies I noticed: Emily predicts that the caved-in hallway could comfortably host only ten people, but there are far more than ten people at that party. Magic (a la GoF tents at the world cup that are bigger on the inside)? Is the party in the TARDIS? Now that I read that paragraph over, I think you meant that she was expecting only ten people - but the way it's worded it sounds like there's room for only ten people, so you might want to just tweak the wording there.

And also, as much as I adored the fact that the Hufflepuff password is Hufflepuff, and the resulting teasing conversation between the twins and Emily, on Pottermore JKR reveals that the password to the Puff common room is actually a series of tapping on one of the barrels across the corridor (to the rhythm of "Helga Hufflepuff" - so yep :P) Anyway, I thought I'd let you know because I know you're really set on this story being 100% canon, so something to consider (if you consider Pottermore info as canon). If you want, I'm a Hufflepuff on Pottermore and I can PM you the whole spiel about the barrels that JKR provides. (Does this make me a traitor to my house for telling our password all over the internet? :P )

Anyway, the story is absolutely still keeping my interest and I'm excited that I have 10 more chapters to read before I have to wait for another one.

I love your endnotes, by the way. I'm a sucker for all things trivia, and this is like Year Five Trivia, hooray! :D I'll definitely be back!

Author's Response: Oh yay! Hello again!

Yeah, the queue was insanely short for a week, it was a beautiful time.

Ah! The hufflepuff password. I heard about the Pottermore thing, but the HP wiki said it was a 'pass-rhyme.' Because there was conflict, and I liked the joke, I dissented. I would very much like to know the details from Pottermore, though, and may change it. Let me know if you ever catch more canon discrepancies!

And you are the second person to get thrown off by the "ten people" thing, so I will definitely edit that. I did mean that she was only expecting ten, and that the space was overlarge. The confusion in the wording probably came from my going back last minute and deciding to underline the "parties get blown up very quickly" thing. Thanks for pointing it out!

I'm glad you liked Fred and George finding out about the kitchens! I liked the idea that the twins didn't discover everything on their own, and that even if Harry never knew Tristan and co., their influence was around.

While doing research, I found something saying that Sir Cadogan was a Knight of the Round table known for chivalry--but I could never find it again!

And I'm very glad that you like the end notes! I can't really resist writing them :)

Thanks so much for another review!


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