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Review:marauderfan says:
I have surfaced from the void of internet-less-ness and am so happy to see a new(ish) chapter on this story! Hurrah!

This was a cool chapter! I loved the shift in POV to read about things from Richard's perspective. It's interesting to read his changing opinions of Rose, who at first was this fantastical fairy woman, and now it seems that the most alluring thing about her is how human she is, all her faults and sloppy manners making her seem otherworldly to him in a way. I wonder what his friends will tell him about the baron Ronald, and whether they will actually find a baron named Ronald and what he is like, haha.

Because this really wouldn't be a proper review if I didn't get distracted and off topic at least once, I'm going to point out how much I love your attention to historical detail again, and the point about how they only bathed once a year, makes me very glad to live in modern times rather than the Middle Ages because when I go backpacking and don't shower for a week, it's unpleasant. I can't imagine a whole YEAR. Though I guess that in the Middle Ages everyone was too drunk to care about being smelly, as they had wine for all occasions.

Annie Lovell is a great character! I like how forward and crafty she is, though I feel like this isn't the end of her craftiness regarding Richard. She seems like a stubborn type who is used to getting what she wants. She has noticed Richard's attraction to Rose, and yet still seems to be very friendly with Rose - but I wonder if that's about to change. The way you've woven actual historical figures into this story is just so cool, and the blend of history and HP characters is such a rich and clever blend.

I would have Nicholasí head for this. -- Hahahaha, the wording of this. So fabulous. I am eagerly awaiting when Rose finds out that Sir Nicholas is indeed Nearly Headless Nick.

Uh oh, falling off a horse. That isn't good. It sounds like she has a broken ankle - but on the bright side, it doesn't sound like the horse stepped on her or anything, so at least she's better off than she could have been. But I can't imagine that fixing broken bones was an easy process in the 1400s.

This was a great chapter and the story continues to be amazing! I noticed a bit of 'old Rose lamenting her past self' in there, when she mentions something about being young and fanciful then - it reminds me of the great mystery alluded to at the beginning, of what happened to her back in time, whether she aged a lot while she was there, or something else befell her... but either way I'm excited to read on and awaiting the next chapter!

House Cup Review 2014

Author's Response: Kristin!! :) Hai!!

I'm glad you liked this! Writing in Richard's POV was one of the aspects of this story which really surprised me since I didn't really plan to do it, so I'm pleased you liked him here. Richard is just really confused and amazed by Rose, and also her human qualities make her more mystical to him because he's more used to the women of his own time. He finds her endearing but also really fascinating.

Thank you! Oh goodness, I agree as I'm a bit of a shower princess and, like Rose, wouldn't go very well in a situation where the hygiene norms were different. I love writing about her discomfort, it's so amusing.

I'm pleased you like Annie as well! She is stubborn and a bit spoiled, and definitely using political relationships to her advantage. I'm so glad you like the historical and HP characters, they're quite interesting to tie in.

Hehehe. She might take a bit too long about figuring out Nick's identity... though to be fair, with all she's dealing with she's unlikely to think of the old ghost from Hogwarts in connection to Nicholas.

Yes, while Rose is a witch and should be able to set her ankle with magic she isn't exactly the most skilled when it comes to practical spells. Her injury might become more important later though.

There is definitely disaster and pain coming, though for now Rose is still settling in.

Thanks so much for the wonderful review and continuing to be so awesome and supporting this story, Kristin!! ♥

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