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Review:Iellwen says:
In the name, House Cup 2014, review, blah!

And understand such strange circumstances, too!!

Okay, so this chapter brought forth new questions like; what the heck did Cassandra let Bill (whom I presume is the Mr Thompson I didn't recognize in the previous chapter^^) do to her?! And so regularly, too, even though her body was under such critical conditions?!
And what's going to happen now that Sirius morphed back into a human form in front of Muggles?! (lemme think... Bill is a Muggle, right??!!)
And who was that ghost-like girl Harry saw - young Cassie while she stayed at Hogwarts? (would make sense, since her dad was a Griffie)

Also, my little grey cells finally managed to come up with a logical explanation to why Remus got bits of Cassie and Sirius' conversation!
I mean, it's only logical (look at me, Spock-ing around *sigh*) - it's the pack connection, right?
Ugh. I can't believe it took me so long to get there (please tell me I'm right, it's been driving me nuts for days! ^^') since you've left clues all over the place! :D

You forgot to finish that sentence ^^ "light leaked through the keyhole and the ." but judging by the context, I'm thinking you meant the crack underneath the door? :/
Also, I love the lucky coincidence that a typo had you call the caretaker 'Mr. Flinch', because the name really fits xD

Also, I love that you had McGonagall doubt Sirius being a mass murderer a little, because I often thought her attitude towards her previous student was a bit weird and cold, considering just how much she knew the Marauders and the consequences of the Potter's death. I mean, yeah, of course, Pettigrew is weak and no one would suspect him and he disappeared and everyone though he was dead, but heck, Sirius was innocent and had she bothered to actually talk to him during his imprisonment, like it seems she has done here, would definitely have brought doubt in her heart like that!

I positively adore your use of the drowned and the saved, Minerva's regret towards the young souls she couldn't save no matter how hard she tried!

Okay, enough rambling, I have to read on!!!


Author's Response: Hi again! Thank you for the review!

The exact nature of what happened to Cassandra because of Bill will come out in the later chapters, I am afraid, but the clues are all here. It's probably just to... horrible to think about it. Oh, and Bill is a muggle, don't worry! My plot is twisted enough as it is, I don't... think he will bother us in the future. Sirius should have taken care of that.

Answering your question... Professor Lupin knows what is going on, and Harry will know too, soon enough. :D

Ehr... You guessed right, sorry! I meant the crack underneath the door, but I wasn't sure how to say it in English, BUT I was in a "I have to write this NOW" mode, so I left a space in order to go and look it up in a dictionary later. Then, when I went to find the space... I didn't see it. Bravo, maryhead.

AND Flinch. I mean, Filch. Yeah, him. I keep spelling him wrong, but I think I'll adopt this typo as sort of signature... It really fits him! I am joking, of course ;). I'll go and fix everything as soon as I can.

I've always seen McGonagall as the stern but secretly kind aunt of the Gryffindor students. I simply can't believe she would have accepted that one of her Lions had been able to commit such a crime without even wanting to ask him why. I love writing about her, and her behavior will surely be analyzed in great detail!

Thank you again for the review, dear :)


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