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Review:teh tarik says:
Hey Dan!

I'm back for the second chapter, so glad to see that this was updated so quickly!

So, I think you just upped the intensity of this fic by ten times. This was one riveting chapter, and just about everything kept making my jaw fall off. Susan Bones as Mary Goldsmith was awesome. I love what the ex-DA members have done now, how organised they are; they're part of the Ministry, but also somehow separate from it, mainly because the older, more senior Aurors don't seem to take to their presence well - probably resentful that they had to endure test after test in order to become trained Aurors, while this bunch of young 'uns simply join a club in school and now work the most challenging operations. Dawlish's anger really took me by surprise.

And it's great to see you preserve canon characterisations so well. Ron being his immature self, asking Susan insensitive questions, and giggling about the whole 'booby trap' thing - exactly the Ron that we all know. :)

The scene with the team at Jugson's house was amazingly well-written. Your action scenes, holy crap, they're so tensely written, and so methodical. I could really see them all taking over the Apparition point, arriving at Jugson's place and scoping the house, and setting up all their jinxes and taking out the wards...right until that horrific scene in the baby's room. Jugson was quite a terrifying figure, and he's much worse than Kaspar because he's actually cunning. The way he manipulated events, used his own house elf, and the way he ruthlessly used that Muggle woman. I have no idea what happened the baby...but somehow, when you wrote that Harry found things 'personal', I sort of thought that Jugson might have set up the whole scene to taunt Harry, specifically, given the latter's past.

Severing that woman's hand was completely unexpected. Harry didn't even hesitate in his decision; it's a lifesaver for everyone, but it's also a little chilling. I guess he would have been hardened by the whole wizarding war, and I see now why he's such an efficient leader, and why the group has so much success in their operations.

I'm also guessing that poor Bizzy is the informant. :(

I can't wait for the next chapter! I'm loving how this story's turning out, and I'm excited to read further.


Author's Response: teh! What up?

I can't imagine a story about Aurors not being intense. Sure, they probably do boring stuff like analyze crime scenes and fill out paperwork sometimes, but who wants to read about that? ;)

The former D.A. members took Kingsley up on his offer to joining the Auror Department without their N.E.W.T.s, but they quickly became disenchanted (no pun intended) with the lack of focus on capturing the fugitive Death Eaters and other war criminals. After a year or two of being stone-walled by the likes of Robards, Dawlish and Cornfoot, they went to Kingsley with a plan to take matters into their own hands. That's how I like to think of things, anyhow.

Ron can't stop being Ron, I'm afraid. There will always be a part of the boy who tried to discuss Uranus with Lavender in Divination.

I really appreciate all of the kind words about the scene in Jugson's hideout. It was a lot of fun to write, although it was a little challenging to find the right tone for it. I was waffling back and forth between having them rampage through the house, stunning everything they saw as opposed to trying to sneak up on Jugson. I think I ended up somewhere closer to the latter.

The scene in the child's room was very personal for Harry. I'm sure it reminded him a lot of the destroyed nursery in Godric's Hollow.

I don't know where I got the inspiration to have Harry cut the woman's hand off, but I kind of like the effect. Harry is older now than he was in the books, when he thought he could always protect everyone and keep them unharmed. He understands that when you're dealing with ruthless enemies, you have to make hard choices.

You'll find out for sure about poor Bizzy in the next chapter, but your insight is basically correct.

I'm working through the next chapter now. They get harder and harder to write, I'm afraid. Soon, I hope!

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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