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Review:patronus_charm says:
Today seems to be a catch up on Jennaís stories day :P

Yay we get to see Scorpius again! I liked how he was open and accepting of the Weasley family even if he felt a little awkward being there, I almost felt a little story for him actually. Ooh, as for him and Lucy Iím not too sure, and I have a feeling Lucy might be after him. That might just be my headcanon though as Iíve always imagined her to be a very sneaky Slytherin though. So he found the magical potion thing! Ooh, this could get interesting because with the way you left it, it seemed certain he was going to drink it.

I loved the discussion of water. I donít even know why because itís just water, but it was interesting to see how much had differed in the time periods. I would definitely avoid it though because water contaminated by a dead body doesnít sound all that appealing in my opinion. No wonder Rose is feeling ill if sheís just drinking alcohol all the time, or perhaps this is the side effects of time travel beginning to show?

Aw, Roseís thoughts about Richard! I love how sheís beginning to get jealous of Annie, as it shows that something must be developing here. Though I have to say this is one of the strangest relationships Iíve read thanks to the time travel because depending on when they meet up one of them is more in love than the other and that must get really confusing. She really does seem to understand his character though with the cold and unforgiving edge, and thatís an ominous reminder of what he may have done to his nephews.

Ahahah, I have so many thoughts from that last section I donít know what to say/do. Ok, I loved how you included all the little historical things such as the hierarchy in society and how that strictly what you said and did. Then the jousting match was really cool and how they had all their little things such as asking for tokens. Ha, Richard was obviously jealous when Rose gave her token to Nicholas and I was just like oh yeah maybe you should be paying her more attention and it was a really cool fangirl moment.

Then the jousting was really cool too, except when Nicholas fell and I was like ah, Rose run and save him. Iím getting so confused over whether I want those two together or Rose and Richard. The next part was really cool though because I had been wondering earlier on whether there were any secret magical people, and when Nicholas revealed the cards it was great. I wonder how this will affect future events, and whether the Hogwarts houses caused a deeper split in society.

This was such a great chapter and I really hope the next is up soon! :D


Author's Response: Hello Kiana! :)

Eep, I just looked at the date of this review and the last one and it was May 18th!! I don't know how I let the responses get this out of hand - well, traveling and going out and bad wifi - but still, I'm so sorry!

I'm glad you felt sorry for him! I think he would be justified feeling a bit awkward in this situation, definitely. Hmm, interesting thoughts about the potion! There is something up there.

I agree! Things like water and sewage and food would have been a huge part of daily life in these times and I wanted to get those details across as in some time travel stories they seem to be glossed over a little. I think it's a bit of both really, I mean drinking alcohol all the time would be a huge and awful change, I'm cringing just thinking about it.

Agh, I know! This relationship is so messed up and confusing, and it was a little tricky for me to write their characters in different emotional states and remembering how much one knows about the other. Richard does have a colder side which Rose is beginning to see, but like all people he's quite multi-faceted.

Thank you! I loved writing all those historical moments and scenes, haha. Yay for fangirling! I was hoping people might feel a little indignant for Rose and how Richard was ignoring her.

Ooh, so you're shipping Rose/Nicholas eh? Interesting... :P Its definitely possible, and I really love exploring how the wizarding world might impact society too.

Thank you so much for another wonderful review, Kiana! :D

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