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Review:marauderfan says:
1. I can't recall ever having read something from the POV of a building before.
2. This story (especially the beginning) is incredibly creepy.
3. And weird.
4. therefore I LOVED IT.

Seriously, how do you do it? This is an amazing story. You have an amazing way with words (unlike me, because I'm just calling everything amazing again) and you craft them so well into this incredibly vivid, intense story that I feel rather than just read. I especially love the part about how Nurmengard is composed of stone cells, making it like any other living thing - that is such a cool way to draw a comparison and makes me see the building in a whole new way. The way you built up the fortress in the beginning with all the creepy imagery of the dead inside it, just wow.

I also love the way Nurmengard watches time pass, kind of removed from history because buildings don't age the way people do, so it just watches as the war happens and all this stuff happens and nothing is that important because the building has no emotions, except respect for Grindelwald who created it. Aah it's just so cool.

Your characterization of Grindelwald is phenomenal, btw. Not that I'm surprised at all by this, because I know from TDC that you have a good grasp on writing him, but this was just so unique. Its from the POV of a building that kind of worships him, so there's that weird aspect to it, and then his interactions with Dumbledore and finally with Voldemort are just so well done. He's so arrogant and almost charming, which is what makes him such a great bad guy :p Voldemort is just ugh go away so boringly evil. But Grindelwald is fascinating because he still kind of holds onto his past with Dumbledore, and he thinks Voldemort is not even worth his time. I'm starting to ramble so much but I just really like the portrayal of him here.

And the italics for speaking! Love it. It feels more disconnected than using quote marks, for some reason - but that works perfectly since a building would feel a bit disconnected from human babbling.

I know this probably wasn't meant to be funny, but I laughed when you described Grindelwald's face as "stony" - considering this is from the POV of a stone building.

Well, I've found a new story to add to my favourites. Excellent story, teh! As you can tell from my gushing review, I really admire your creativity on this and it's just such an unusual, impressive fic. Bravo!

Author's Response: Kristin! ♥

1. That's because buildings don't usually have POVs
3. Vampire!buildings drinking people's blood?
4. ♥ ♥ ♥

Waah, thank you for your fab review! I didn't even know how to respond so I left it for a few days, and now I've got a small build-up of reviews thanks to your awesomeness. :P

Amazing is a good word to use. :P I use this a lot in reviews and review responses. Amazing. Lovely. Gorgeous. Brilliant. Et cetera. The dead people in the walls is totally plagiarised from history. I heard that the people who died while building the Great Wall of China were thrown into the wall and then everyone just kept on building.

I enjoy writing Grindelwald a lot, and this fic was definitely good practice for writing him, which I'll be doing a fair bit in upcoming chapters of TDC. Yeah, compared to Grindelwald, Voldie's a bit uptight. Reads too many Dark Magic books, I reckon. Cuts his soul up and has his personality flattened more and more each day.

And yay for italics! So much neater than yucky quote marks. It's probably what I enjoyed most about writing this story. Using italics for all the speech. Heh.

The 'stony' bit was totally intentional. Considering this fic's from the POV of a building, it probably considers Gellert is soul mate for life.

Ah, thank you for reading! And reviewing! And favouriting! And gushing! Honestly SO HAPPY to read this review. ♥


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