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Review:patronus_charm says:
Whoo, I hope your one-shot roll never ends as I’m enjoying this far too much! Ok, I’m going to do this section by section otherwise my brain will burst with too much to say!

Uno! Ok the description here was chilling and so amazing and wah! I loved the whole biology theme to it, and how you worked it into the title as that was really clever and I really love it when authors do that. Erm, I mean, what is this amazingness! ‘shrouded in a placenta of flint and lodestones and broken shale’ and ‘Hundreds of cells, segmented by membranes of stone, all waiting to be filled to function.’ It really reminded me of Lord of the Rings (please say you’ve read/watched it so you know what I mean), and had the creepy feel that Sauron had. I wasn’t sure whether Grindelwald or the prison were alive and that ambiguity was written so well.

Deux! I really liked how you explored the prison and Grindelwald’s relationship here as they were so interlinked and really relied on one another, it was almost as if they could only carry on living with the other one. That small moment of sort of understanding with Grindelwald when the prisoner spat in his face was so interesting and unexpected but fitting and wonderful and yeah, his characterisation here is fab!

Three! ahaha this was fab! ♥ The use of italics was really what made it for me in this chapter as it just created so many more levels to the story and made it so much more complex and interesting to read and I loved it! Albus really brought out another side to Gellert, it seemed to make his thoughts a lot more guarded yet emotional at the same time, showing how they had a past together really effectively. The duel was really fab (also, yay for more fighting scenes, keep it up!), and I definitely felt that there was something lacking in Gellert when he fought. Almost as if he built this fortress for the sole purpose of tempting Albus back to see him again and that he never wanted this fight. The fortress and him had such a solemn air at the end, like they had both lost Albus forever it was so great and a really amazing bit of writing.

Iv! Ah this was so sad and definitely a tough love parenting moment from Nurmengard :P Your descriptions of the torn bits of letter were so vivid and sad, I could just imagine Grindelwald slowly crumbling away before me as his one hope of having Albus again fades away! Ah, even though this story isn’t about their ship I can feel tinges of it when reading and there’s just so many feels because of it!

Five! NO! I think the master and I are having the same levels of soul destroying feels at the death of Gellert! That scene was just so fantastic with Voldemort because you still managed to squeeze in some sarcastic lines which just fitted his character really well, and even though I knew it would end that way it didn’t stop me wishing it wouldn’t. I think I was just so sad because this was such an interesting and refreshing portrayal of Gellert – like nothing I’ve ever read, frankly – and I just wanted to explore him so much more as it was just so interesting and fab and yeah this was amazing! ♥

Author's Response: Y U SO COOL KIANA ♥

Unfortunately, I have to announce that my one-shot roll has indeed come to an end :( April has ended, along with my one-shot writing/editing spree. I've got two half-shots waiting to be completed, but I'm going to finish them slowly over May, though my focus will be on writing something else (guess what that is!).

Yeah, Section I was so fun to write. I wouldn't think it's highly original to write phrases like 'bones of the earth/mountains etc.' since I've come across this sort of stuff in...YES TOKLIEN'S STUFF. And a whole lot of other published authors. This is me trying to jump on the sentient!insentient-things bandwagon. And man, this was fun to write, though the editing was a giant headache. I must say, though, I'm quite pleased you picked out the 'placenta' quote. :D I was influenced by the fact that in Maori, the word 'placenta' and the word 'land' share the same word, and that people traditionally bury placenta in the earth, and many things are born of the earth...I thought there were some lovely interlinking ideas there that could be explored. Oh dear, I'm rambling.

Yeah, there's kind of a close relationship between creator and created, though that being said, Gellert is kind of an indifferent god to Nurmengard. In fact, he hardly seems aware that the building is more than a building. AH I'M GLAD YOU LIKE GRINDELWALD'S CHARACTERISATION. He's so fun to write lol.

I love some stories which use italics as dialogue as a stylistic feature! I tried to do that here, get rid of the quote marks to reflect the unusualness of the perspective.


Well, sigh. Gellert had all this coming. Yay, I'm glad you like the Voldie scene! Voldie is just all evilevilevilevil and Gellert is like 'Evil? Yeah, OK.' With a raised eyebrow and everything. He's clearly not afraid of death. I seem to be writing a lot of reckless characters lately! First Sirius, now Gellert, and also an OC on one of my uncompleted one-shots...gah.

Fortunately with you, I'm not done with writing Gellert. I've got chapters of him left to explore!

Thank you, lovely!

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