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Review:teh tarik says:
Hello Sian! Nadia's recommended that I read your story, so here I am! I think it's been quite some time since I read anything by you; I certainly haven't read very widely over the last few months, and so now's a great chance to catch up a little on your writing! ♥

I love Lavender fics, especially those that write her with more depth and compassion than how she's been portrayed in the books, particularly HBP. And yours was wonderful! This was an absolutely gorgeous one-shot, bittersweet, painful but uplifting at the end. I love Lavender fics which end with some measure of hope.

You've seriously gone into a lot of detail to convey Lavender's fragile emotional state after her attack and the Battle of Hogwarts. It was so terribly heartbreaking, reading about the extent of her PTSD, and those recurring flashbacks of Fenrir Greyback's assault. I can understand how and why she would shut herself up in her room for months, not wanting to have anything to do with people or the outside world. It's like her whole life has suddenly become paralysed with shock, and only towards the end do things start to move for her, and she starts living again, slowly. It really does show that she is indeed the fighter mentioned early on in the story, and she's a lot more resilient than what people expect of her.

I love how you began the story with the Khaled Hosseini quote, and with Lavender directly addressing the reader: So then. You want a story and I will tell you one.*

But I warn you now, this may not be a story that you want to hear.

To me, it sounds that there's something challenging in the way she says / narrates this, like she's daring the reader to see her as the same shallow vapid airhead in HBP, which of course, she's anything but. I think your opening lines were so bold and striking, and they definitely drew me into the story so effectively!

And I love Parvati's role, how she slowly, patiently brings Lavender out of the shell she's retreated into, all the letters she writes. Parvati's such a contrast to Lavender, and I'm glad that Lavender has such a friend. And gah, Seamus / Parvati! I love this ship! :D

That little moment with Charlie toward the end was so incredibly sweet and hopeful and gah, I LOVED it. It's a great way to end your fic with the innocence of a child, and how Lavender's heart seems to melt for her little brother. It's SO endearing, her baby brother leading her into the outside for the first time in months, and the way he hugs her at the end. ♥ ♥

I love your story title, by the way!

"Blue Lavender," he begins again, using my childhood nickname. It feels both oddly appropriate and inappropriate for my current state of mind.

It's a lovely play on words and colours; it may be her childhood nickname, but it also fits Lavender's depressed, 'blue' state. And would I be right to guess that you got Blue Lavender from the nursery rhyme, Lavender's Blue? :P

Lavender's blue, dilly, dilly, lavender's green,
When I am king, dilly, dilly, you shall be queen.

I can imagine her dad singing this to her when she was a young child. It's wonderful to see how supportive, tender and loving her family are toward her and her condition. I'm really hoping - no, I'm quite sure that soon she'll be able to warm right back up to them, that the pain of those scars will lessen a little.

Brilliant one-shot, Sian! I absolutely loved this, and I'm so glad Nadia recommended this to me. :)


Author's Response: Hi teh! Wow, I'm so flattered that Nadia recommended this and that you came to read it!

After writing this story I've come to really love Lavender. I always try to write stories that go into more depth and show a different side to the characters we know from the books, so I'm glad that it worked here and I could show a different side to Lavender than the silly girl we usually do.

I know that a lot of people think Lavender died, but in my head canon she did survived but had a lot to battle through. I really tried to show the extent of some of the PTSD she suffered from in this story and the way that made her interact with the people around her, and the flashbacks she still experienced.

When I saw this quote was one of the ones available I was really pleased and I'm so pleased you thought I used it to good effect!

Parvati was a nice character to use to balance out Lavender here and I love writing the friendship between them and the way that it helps Lavender to improve. (And yes, Parvati/Seamus for head canon!) Charlie was a character who invented and wrote himself but he really helped Lavender a lot and it was great to juxtapose his innocence and happiness with Lavender's darkness and experience.

I'm so happy you liked the title! I was thinking of that nursery rhyme when I came up with the title, actually! And the play on words and colours came into it as well, so I'm pleased you managed to see them all!

I actually wrote this as a three-part short story so if you ever feel like reading the rest of it, it's now completed! Thank you for this amazing review, teh, and I'm so glad you liked it!

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