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Review:KF says:
Oh I definitely know that it's Abraxas. You made it painstakingly obvious lol. I find that parallel between them romantic to prove that true love really does live on and it doesn't end, even in death. Anyway I really do hope that you don't end this story in tragedy. I don't think I'd be able to handle it. I suspect that there will be another ultimate force driving them a part but I'm hoping that there will be peace after the storm and you end this story on a high note, finally tying all of the parallels and mysteries together.

What I like about this is that you've been very careful about foreshadowing the nature of their relationship and where you wanted it to head. Draco was able to solve Hermione's canvas easily because he was always aware of her intentions and she was ready to be with him. However I feel as if it may have been intentional that you didn't allow for Hermione to solve Draco's because of the conflict that you're demonstrating in these most recent chapters - Hermione still isn't confident about HIS intentions and he still keeps much about himself carefully hidden. She knows that he loves her but there are still parts of him that are largely unexposed. I believe that it was intentional that you left him as an enigma for her to solve as an ultimate metaphor for this story. I'm thinking of re reading those chapters actually. Then I also know that it's a little unbearable because I'm craving for them to be together.

I really enjoy the Book of Poems, just wanted to mention. I feel as if they're alluding to the tensions and the pressures of their relationship together and I feel as if their dynamic wouldn't hold as much weight if it weren't for that plot device. Some weight would be there but I feel as if that book creates encouragement and gives room to allow some introspection on both of their parts. It also allows for them to remain in touch with each other during that introspection to remind each other of why they remain bound for so long. I enjoy it. I also believe that it was a very artistic addition that fit in nicely with the sense of culture and intellectualism and fantasy that you've tied into this story so well. The Gala, for example, was an ingenious addition.

The only aspect that I'm a little at odds with is your choice in making him an animagus. I see how it contributes to his narrative and the overall color of the story but I also feel as if it comes off as unnecessary because there's no context to it. It's meant to serve as such a large metaphor but I feel like the metaphor is lost because there's not much use for it with where you've written his animagus form to turn up. I think that it adds more of an allure and mystery to him but it falls short because it's left me thinking that you may have wanted to do something with it but you haven't given it up enough opportunities to let it serve its purpose. I think that if you had spent more time developing that aspect about him, the metaphor that it is meant to demonstrate would be much stronger.

What I'm noticing that I'm enjoying are your detours into revealing hidden pockets of love in the characters surrounding this story - namely Ron and Tom, and of course Minerva. I didn't even think that it was Minerva but perhaps I should have read that chapter over. Your choice in deciding to make Voldemort a little broken because of his lost love was unexpected. I enjoyed it and I swayed on thinking that he may have some form of sympathy for Draco. But I also acknowledge that he's too far gone for stretch his sympathy for him as well. Let alone him feeling anything for a muggle born witch who's best friends with the boy he wants to kill so desperately.

This is the first time that I've read any fluff between Harry and Hermione and I'm indifferent to it for the most part. From an objective stand point I can see what she could offer both boys equally. They both come from the same stock in a way and I see why Hermione would consider an interest in Harry at all. The only problem is at the moment anything between them would make me feel as if he would be her Astoria; thrown together because of sympathy in the midst of a difficult sensation and rendering them both vulnerable to each other. I like it conceptually but it would feel like a direct reflection of what happened during a version of Draco's future without Hermione. Harry, like Astoria, would sense that her heart always longed for another and it would create an ridge between them and he'd never fully have her. The ship in this story has its advantages but I like to think that Draco has made her heart completely reserved, even in moments of weakness.

I like where this story is going. Love, actually. I'm wondering if you're going to write the segment where the trio is dragged to Malfoy Manner? I definitely think that with 5 chapters left you could fit it into a longer chapter so you have time to include it all. I also dread it at the same time because I'm afraid that it's going to cause such conflict that it'll take Hermione even longer to learn that he's only a death eater because he was FORCED to be one. He has no choice. I also think that the scene will create a lot of very juicy tension and it'll be a part of a chapter that'll leave us breathless as readers - craving Hermione and Draco to rush into each other's arms yet cringe at the fact that they'll both be experiencing forms of torture. I think that Bellatrix carving, "Mudblood" into her skin with that adding as such a powerful part of this story, at Malfoy manor no less, will throw more complexity into the story. Is complexity the right word? Maybe not. I mean to say that it'll make it more intense because it would literally represent so much.

I would like to think that, for the purpose of this story, Draco's decision in not revealing Harry's identity would be to protect Hermione and I think she'd recognize that. I think that it'd give the relationship more grounding as well.

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