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Review:patronus_charm says:
Hai. Hai. Hai. teh. (fun fact, when I type reviews on word it always wants to call you the, and itís like no the nameís teh, well actually Nicole, but Iíve called you teh for so long now, I canít give up on teh). Woah, that was a long fun fact.

Ahahaha, Iím only half way through the one-shot but here are some things I love about it: Barabbas Ė such a fab name, Helena is so cool and a bit rebel and fab, the way it seemed almost ethereal with all the singing and Latin due to your fab description, it was historical Hogwarts which was so cool. Ok, I will continue reading and give more detailed thoughts and things later.

Question Ė is Thomas Tuck the same one from Robin Hood, because if he is thatís so cool and yeah, itís like a crossover, whoo! I loved Thomas he was so cool and like yeah I shouldnít be going to a tavern, but I am anyway. Minor thing, I loved the descriptions of Hogsmeade in that time period, it was so much more fun to read then as it was all so refreshing and new for me.

Anyhow, I adored this one-shot, I loved this Helena because usually sheís all moody/flighty/angry and even though I sensed a bit of a rebel side to your one she was a lot more grounded and real which made it so much more fun to read. In fact, I enjoyed her so much I really wish your NaNo novel could appear as you had such a good grasp of Founders characters here, I want to see moar of them!

Another thing I liked was how you made me enjoy reading all about the Easter celebrations even though Iím not religious, I was like ah it looks rather fun I want to join in. Like I said before, it has this ethereal air about it which I guess naturally comes when you combine religion and magic and that was just a really cool feeling. I think it was the ending line which really gave it this mystical sort of feel if that makes sense.

Ok, this was another fabulous one-shot, and I have another one of yours to read tomorrow so whoo!


(also, I just read your AN and if you ever extend it let me know, as I loved this!)

Author's Response: DO NOT GIVE UP ON TEH. I ♥ this name too! :P You're gonna have to train your autocorrect / Word spellchecker.

Hey, hey, thank you for another fab review on my newest oneshot, eep. I was ahem, rushing through this one so it's still a bit underdeveloped to me, and quite empty. I must definitely come back and work on this piece, possibly turn it into a short story or something.

Fun fact: Barabbas is a biblical name! He's a murderer, and there's not much about him that I know, well, I didn't have time to do much research. :P But yeah, he's a name associated with Good Friday so I thought it would be fun to throw that in there.

Bahaha, yes, I'm not sure myself if Tuck ever turns out to be the same Tuck as the Robin Hood legends! I'd love to think so, even though the timelines wouldn't match, if we're going to be accurate. I'm pretty sure Robin Hood was somewhere in the 1400s, and the Hogwarts Founders Era is somewhere in the tenth or eleventh century. I heard there were no barons back then, or even friars - though there were monks. I'm glad you like this tavern-going monk. I had much fun writing him, and I want to write him a bit more as this sometimes-devout man who enjoys life a bit too much. :P

Ahh, I'm glad you like the descriptions of the places and stuff. I didn't have time to think things too carefully and in too much detail, but earlier on I'd borrowed a few children's books on the Middle Ages for my little boy, and so there was me doing very quick research through children's books instead of being overloaded by Google's excess of info.

I MEANT THIS TO HAVE A FLUFFY ENDING. Seriously, I did. Helena was SO MUCH MORE AWESOME in my fluffy-ended version, but unfortunately, I ran out of words, and so I had to revert to my default, which is not-fluff.

And aww, my NaNo novel. I'll probably be going back to it time to time...not to finish it but to snip more pieces out of it and make new stories! So you'll be reading fragments of it and the characters now and then. :D

I had a lot of trouble trying to think how Easter is celebrated in medieval times. I know people were religious, and they probably had to cut out a lot of food during Lent, including meat haha. And I love reading and writing fics which combine religion and magic - there's a mystical quality to these stories which I really like.

YAY, thank you for this wonderful review, Kiana! ♥ ♥


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