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Review:writeyourheartout says:
Sarah! *waves* Well, you obviously know I've already read through this once, but I came back for more (and to leave you a lovely review, of course ;))!

This is such a perfect little Easter story! Sweet and charming and family-centric - it's really all just too cute in the best of ways! I love the family dynamic you've created, and how many characters you span over in such a short story! Next gen can be hard to write if you involve the entire Weasley clan, because there are just so many of them to keep straight, but you offer us these small, distinct glimpses into who each of them are as individuals without bombarding us with so much new information that we can't keep up. It's a tricky thing to balance, but you pull it off wonderfully! I think it helps that some of the people we see through present day versions of themselves, while others are presented as their past, child-like selves. It just allows for a little more distinction, which is helpful, I think. ^.^

This right here: ""Hey, momma." She winked at me." - Every time I read through this story (this is about the fourth time, by the way), this part ALWAYS makes me smile. I can't even put my finger on exactly why, but there's something so incredibly charming about Rose in that moment. I just adore it; it's as simple as that. :-p OH, AND TWINS FOR VICTOIRE, YAY! That'll be fun, I'm sure. hehehe

I love that this is centered around an Easter egg hunt! It feels very nostalgic for me to be reading this story because it takes me back to my own childhood, when I would do Easter egg hunts with my family or my church or school, whoever! And that goes doubly because once I grew up, I was the one who began hiding eggs and watching the new generation of eager searches hunt them down, which is what we see Victoire going through! When I was looking at the three prompts we were given, I couldn't for the life of me think up a single plot line to base around Easter (sad, I know), and then I read this and was like... OMG DUH! Feels like I've done too much growing up and forgot about all those fun, innocent moments that occur during the holidays, and this story really brought me back to that, so thank you. :)

I adore the moment with Teddy. It's just a small little thing, as he picks up Gabrielle (presumably named for Victoire's Aunt? Love that!), because we get the briefest glimpse of him as a father and a peak into the love that Victoire holds for him and for their daughter. And then later when he helps her up off the bench - such a cute scene, by the way - is another highlight for the two as a couple. It's a smaller family to focus on within the giant Weasley clan, and it's very sweet. ^.^

And of course that final moment with Nana! Molly must be the sweetest grandmother, and this moment where she's all teary-eyed and sentimental is just too sweet! And the way Victoire reflects on her surroundings immediately afterwards, watching from the same window as Molly, really made me smile and was a very nice touch; a great way to bring the story to its close.

And then that final line. It is so, so, so, SO cheesy, but I'm kind of in love with it, anyway. :-p hahahaha How's that, for you? hehehe

I think you should be really proud of this piece; especially considering how lightning fast you threw it all together! It's simple, but lovely, and an excellent reflection on family and Easter and love and tradition and nostalgia and many other things - which is a lot, for such a simple story to hold! Means you wrote it really well. ^.^ Anyway, thank you for pulling this out last minute for our team! You've been wonderful to work with and I'm so happy that the competition led to this story! Yay! :-D


Author's Response: Tanya. I do not deserve this lovely review. I really just don't. ♥

I'm glad you liked the way I've included the whole family into this. I really wanted to show how they come together at the holidays, and the family unity. I'm so flattered that you think I pulled it off well. I definitely don't think this is my best writing, but it's nice to know that it was at least moderately liked!! ♥

I'M SO GLAD YOU LIKED THAT PART. When I started writing it, I was trying to picture it, and I could just SEE Vic sitting down and Rose saying that. Especially with them being older, and having kids and married and what not. It was cute and fun and I'm so glad it made you laugh because it does make me giggle.

YES. Easter Egg Hunts were like my life at Easter time. I don't even have words for how serious I was about them. I'm pretty sure I was a mix of Vic/Rose. Pushing everyone down to get all of the eggs. Haha, funny, because I couldn't think of anything to do for the other two prompts but this just jumped out at me! I definitely feel like growing up happens too fast, but I organize an easter egg hunt each year, so it was kind of in my face.

Yes, Gabrielle was named for Vic's aunt. I'm glad you liked it. I figured they'd probably keep up the Weasley tradition of naming kids after family members. I'm so glad you liked it!!!

Ugh. That part was a bit of a tear jerker. I love the whole generational thing. I definitely went for the full on cheesy effect here. So I'm glad you noticed that, and loved it anyways.

Thanks hon! It's not one of my favourites, but I did throw it together in a couple of hours. So yay! Thanks for this review, it was so sweet, and I'm so sorry it took me so long to reply to it. Of course of course! I loved working with you too! ♥ you're really way too sweet.

xoxo Sarah ♥

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