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Review:Rumpelstiltskin says:
Dawlish *grumble grumble*.

Perhaps I should have begun by saying hello (hai!)...

Anyway, poor Verity can't get away with anything, can she? Well, she DID sneak into the Department of Mysteries (and kissed George), but I'm going to blame everything on Dawlish due to his natural ability to be a vile person. She thinks she can trust him because he's an 'authority of the law'? Eheheh...she's so wrong. As for George, well, he does have a bit of a reputation (specifically tying himself to the Ministry through the fun-tastic exit of Hogwarts during Umbridge's reign). Luckily for the pair of them, Arthur and Kingsley work for the Ministry.

So, they are free and clear from the Ministry, but George still has to answer to the Order now (that can't be a delightful experience...), and of course Molly (which is equally frightening). It's not so terrible to want to call their little break-in to the Ministry a date. She's been having relationship issues, and it may be natural to want to look elsewhere (though, she should probably end things with Sebastian first). AND it's George, well, you know.

Verity hasn't met Molly, has she? Haha, George has good reason to fear the wrath of Molly Wealey ;). Good old Borgin... I love that he expected her to bring something back from her escapade (or at least attempt to).

Aw, Sebastian's a bit of a scaredy-cat, isn't he? That amuses me :D. Oh gods, he knows *covers eyes*. Of course he knows, he has connections! Just tell him before he questions you about it! Do it! Wow, evidentily I crack under pressue. Anyway, taking a break sounds reasonable and logical. Wait, why is her relationship reasonable and it because there's some strain in this relationship? Yes, yes I think so! (I'm just really excited that they're taking a 'break'.) Aaand, she glanced into the tower. I think that she subconsiously doesn't want that relationship to work out... *cough*. I may be biased though, because, GEORGE!

At least Christian is being mildly helpful, and I'm overly curiuos about what happened before Penelope died. Hopefully, we'll get some answers for that soon. Ha, Judah's trying to ask Verity on a date.

Scabior's a pleasant fellow, isn't he? Verity handled that very well, and I'm assuming, in her trade, she's used to shady and unpleasant customers. I would have told him where he could have shoved the hand of glory...*ahem* which is why I'm not in customer service.

Ending on a mysterious storybook is mean! This was awesome! I can't wait for more!


Author's Response: Hai! :)

Ugh, Dawlish, I know. He actually makes an excellent mini-villain though, since he's just so useless.

Verity, if you haven't noticed, tends to have things go wrong and get herself into awkward situations. Haha, but she did let George lead her into mischief here. They really got lucky with getting off the hook, and it's a good thing Kingsley was on call to save the day with Arthur. :P

Haha, George really has a good scolding in his future, poor guy. He just wanted to impress Verity with how adventurous he is. I'm glad you approve of her relationship choices when she leans towards George - I feel like it's only natural considering her strained relationship with George.

She hasn't met Molly yet! But sometimes soon, perhaps. And yeah, I just love Borgin. I feel like in the books he was so much creepier but I like the Verity-Borgin relationship a lot.

He is! But I don't blame him, I would be terrified of the ghosts as well. And oh god, yes, that scene was SO awkward for me to write. I was just cringing the whole time for both of them. Haha, I'm glad you like the decision to go on a break, and I'm excited to post what happens next with all of that. And yes, George. ♥

He is! For now... and I'm excited to tell the readers what did happen with Penelope! It's this big convoluted plot but it's quite fun and crazy. Oh dear, Judah would never be voluntarily nice to Verity. :P But who knows!

Ah, Verity does have some experience with these shady characters. She has a cool head on her shoulders and she's good at keeping a good face for customers, but she also has been quite lucky so far. Haha, agreed! Customers are evil, and Verity's are often actually evil. Dark Marks and all.

Thanks so much for the brilliant review!!! :D

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