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Review:EllaShanti says:
Ahhh, I se (although I definitely didn't before, so all good my lil blowfish).

Haha that Bonnie Lawrence encounter completely reminded me of how people annoy telemarketers.

Aw, why doesn't she ever want to talk to Rubina/Riah again? Does she think it'll be awkward? Angry about her running off? Uncomfortable? Although it does make a nice change from a lot of stories where the character rushes off to confront them and dissolve into a puddle of love and confusion and identity crisis. Those do work, of course, but always good to have something different.

And will Rubina and Rebecca's dad (Malcolm?) meet at some point? Although he seems like a bit of a poo (gotta keep it tame on HPFF), I want to see that going down.

Does Kieran return soon? I miss him.

Also, you know how she (Rebecca) says she's not allowed to tell Elizabeth about her magic - in HP you have couples where one's a muggle and one's not and the muggle gets told (like Seamus' parents), right? So do you have some sort of background theory to do with the statute of secrecy thingo and what permissions wizards/witches have to tell muggles? (I may be being overly picky, so feel free to ignore if you want)

Re last review -

Umm...let me see... so if she's pureblood and related to Trelawney, then she has Seer blood (and didn't she make some sarcastic comment about that a few chapters ago?) from the Professor/Sybil Trelawney and the C-andra Trelawney so...?

(seriously? it asked me to take out the middle - now missing - letters of that name because of what they spelled out...funny, but annoying)

That 'or is she' hint right there...

Nawww, but Toby's so adorable. He's like a little puppy (and he played one in Cats and Dogs, it suited him so much). But I do love Andrew G, who is also ridiculously loveable, so yep, love for all spidermen. Although I was kinda annoyed in the first amazing SM one when he made his own web-shooter things, I thought it was cooler when they were part of the powers he was given.

Your local super-(reviewer)-hero, (who actually has one more complaint - Harry was way way WAYYY more attractive in the original trilogy!!) over and out.

With a slight feeling of guilt that this rather rambling and parentheses-filled review might just discuss Spiderman as much as it does HP...

Author's Response: Imma blowfish :D
You should see me vs telemarketers, although I always try and keep them on the phone long enough to show their boss or whoever that they can do their job because I've heard in some places they measure how long they keep people talking for :) so I'm considerate whilst making fun of them.
Well, Rubina did make it pretty clear that she'd never come for Rebecca because she didn't want that life, and I think Rebecca took that pretty hard. Which is fair. I think she feels like she's been rejected- I mean, the girl came up with her own theories why her mum left, but none of them included her being such a disappointment, so she's probably angry too. Thank you very much!
No, sorry, we don't see any confrontation between Rebecca's mum and dad. It doesn't go down that route.
Keiran does return! In the next chapter (Nightmare) actually.
I do have a theory, actually- I think that witches and wizards are allowed to tell people they've known a significant amount of time and trust a great deal, or someone they enter a legally recognised relationship with. I also think there would be some kind of system informing the ministry what muggles know so they can keep tabs on them if they want to, but I don't think there would be an official 'ask for permission' thing, more a 'tell us when you do tell someone and be sensible about who you tell' kind of thing.
She is indeed a blood relative of Professor Trelawney- Trelawney is her first cousin twice removed, so Rebecca's great great grandparents are Trelawney's grandparents, if that makes things any easier. She probably did make a sarcastic comment. :) So yeah, you're right! I'm glad I'm not the only one who can make that connection, I was worried I was getting carried away with myself...
Oh, yeah, that did annoy me too- until a comic book nerd friend of mine pointed out that's how it originates in the comic books, so it's actually more accurate- but yeah, I always wonder now why he'd model himself on spiders if he doesn't actually have that link to spiders... like, there's not many animals that don't have better sight and reactions than us.
OMG I know- I'm so disappointed at the lack of drooling I'm going to do in the new one! They're only giving us Andrew Garfield in this one! :(
It doesn't matter what you're writing about as long as I can keep up with it :) See ya later, super-reviewer-hero!
This is gingergirl, over and out! (once I got asked in a job interview what my superhero name and powers would be if I had control of them, and I just heard myself say 'gingergirl' and had to go along with it XD)

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