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Review:MargaretLane says:
I found this chapter completely by accident. *laughs* I was just flicking through the "recently added" to see if there was anything worth reading and realised "oh gosh, the next chapter of Albus Potter and Slytherin's Office is up. YAY!"

And the chapter title seems somewhat intriguing.

Yeah, that's intriguing all right - how Albus's magic works. I wonder if there's something to it or if you are just showing how different people have different strengths and weaknesses and what most people find easy can be difficult for somebody and something others find difficult can be easy for them. *pays close attention*

*laughs* I've just been writing about snow. I guess it makes sense that both our stories would mention it since Hogwarts is in Scotland, but it's still funny that both the chapter I was writing and the one I'm reading today had mentions of it.

And *laughs*, Slytherin were the worst team in my Albus's first year too, though things are changing now in my current story.

The wording of this paragraph in general seems kinda confused: "A few days before the match, Albus, David, and Rose ate dinner near the end of the day. Homework buried itself in Art, so Art planned to come down later. Albus found himself in a predicament, for he ate some pasta as Art came running into the great hall, eager about something."

You've also had Art saying that "people who are quiet are really good listener." It should be "listeners".

The word "promoted" doesn't really fit in the line "the next day promoted a nerve-wracking day for Gryffindor". Something like "proved" would fit better.

I actually laughed out loud and Louis saying he knows he's not supposed to be biased, but hey, he's a Gryffindor.

LOVE all the statistics. I'm getting the impression Ravenclaw, Gryffindor and Hufflepuff all have pretty much equal chance of winning.

Oh, yikes, I did NOT expect THAT to happen. When they were thirty points ahead, I was wondering would that be enough, 'cause I think they said they needed more than thirty points, but then I thought it was probably thirty OR more. I was sure Gyffindor would win the cup or at least get to the final. Especially when Ravenclaw were doing so well, I kind of thought Gryffindor were going to stage a massive comeback.

I think, though, it's good to have the house of the main characters not get into the final. It makes it different from other stories. Plus, when you're writing the whole seven years, it's a bit unrealistic if the one house wins every year.

Bet the Gryffindors will be annoyed at their Seeker for catching the Snitch then, when they could possibly have got another goal if they'd waited.

I'm with Rose on this one. A Dark Lord trying to kill you is a bit more serious than losing a match.

*laughs at the comment that sulking about Quidditch is a good use of time*

I thought of that just before they mentioned it - what Zajecfer intended to do if he hadn't killed Albus by the summer, but I guess he's planning to have it done by then. Maybe he even has something planned that they, and we, don't know about.

And ooh, this makes it sound like Zajecfer might have some other reason to be in Hogwarts as well. MAYBE THERE'S SOMETHING IN SLYTHERIN'S OFFICE HE'S TRYING TO FIND.

Author's Response: Magic is a strange and beautiful thing. Part of the reason Albus has an easier time is that he doesn't have to pronounce the words, which is something he has trouble with.

Yeah, maybe next year Slytherin won't be the worst. I don't know. It was actually a coincidence they ended up the worst: I wanted Gryffindor to lose to Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw, but beat Slytherin. So that's just how it worked out.

Yes, I agree, that is TERRIBLE wording. I'll fix it.

Yes, it should be "listeners". Good catch!

Louis does have a point, doesn't he? It'd be impossible for him not to be biased.

I love the statistics too. For a few of the numbers I actually had to do some *gasp* math. But I had a lot of fun writing it.

Yeah, and Gryffindor never won the house cup until Harry's third year. So why shouldn't Gryffindor win this year?

They'll be a little annoyed at her, but the majority of the Gryffindor team realizes she had to catch the snitch then or the other seeker would have gotten it. She's a good seeker, just not undefeatable.

Yes, I'm with Rose as well. Boys are ridiculous when it comes to Quidditch. Just because I write my main character's actions doesn't mean I agree with them.

Why is Zajecfer at Hogwarts? Will we ever know? *wink wink*

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