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Review:Gred&Forge says:
It's really bothering me that Luna isn't getting yelled at by anyone about the ring. I mean, it was in Sarah's grasp! How is that not a big deal? I don't care that she feels guilty - she very well should. As excited as I am for Hermione and Fred to get together, I feel like Luna and Harry getting together would annoy me to no end. She is his golden girl - she can do no wrong, even when she clearly does. I think they would make for a boring couple and I think they would justify their actions too much. This story is making me sad because I really liked Luna in the books but now I'm finding it hard to like her. The worst part is, I totally understand where she is coming from yet she still frustrates me. I was SO frustrated when she just decided to break into Azkaban in order to clear her brothers name. I'm sorry, but that had nothing to do with the task at hand, and she had no idea that it would lead to all these other things. I'm with Hermione - why couldn't she have waited until after to clear her brother's name? Surely there would have been other ways to get to Edmund. I'm sorry that Luna feels alone (oh wait, except she has Harry - she has him more than Hermoine does) but I feel like she can be very selfish at times.

Author's Response: A confession I have made to a few other reviewers... nothing about these stories is planned out. I write chapter by chapter and take loose notes on what has happened so I can remember to, at some point, tie it all together. I totally understand where you're coming from after looking back at this chapter and the few before it. In response I can only give my thoughts on where my head was when writing from Luna's POV... at this point in the story, she is self-conscious about her abilities and the responsibility the visions she does get place on her. Additionally, she knows who's supposed to end up with who (for a time anyway) and the more she spends time with Harry, the more she wants it to come true... which places her in an awkward position because Hermione is her friend and she wouldn't want to hurt her. She is telling herself she is prepared to wait for the future to come to fruition on it's own, but she's not really mentally prepared... she's going through finding out all of this stuff about Kane on her own, without her father, grandmother or Harry (since he can't be there for her as much as either of them would like at this point) and so she feels she has to go it alone. My version of Luna has basically raised her daft, out-of-touch father (as opposed to a more traditional parent/child relationship) since her mother's death and so it is in her head that she is the responsible care-giver, the problem solver... only the problems keep building up and she's desperate to solve the ones she can before she's buried under the pressure. She chose to go to Edmund because focusing on figuring out and proving what happened the day her brother dies keeps her from focusing on how much it hurts that she can't reveal her real feelings about Harry. As she sees Hermione and Fred inching toward something with each other, she is growing hopeful only to be continually frustrated that things aren't happening as quickly as she'd like. As you read on, you'll find her becoming even more doubtful about herself as they meet new coven members and she sees that she is the only one unable to totally control her powers and it becomes worse as the enemies they meet basically call her weak to her face and in front of her friends. She knew she was wrong to go to Azkaban, and she knew it was even more wrong to rope Harry into it as well. Even so, she went through with it because obsessing over her brother so close to the anniversary of his death was easier than obsessing over visions and feelings she had no control over. At this point, Harry hasn't let himself know that he wants to be with Luna too... he's subconsciously aware, but because of Hermione he won't make it known to his waking mind and as she's able to literally see into his head, this is one more frustration for Luna and it hurts her feelings more than she wants to admit and is therefore making her act impulsively while adding to the bit of depression she's slowly sinking into. She wants to help everyone, but feels it's impossible since she can't even help herself. I never wanted her to be "that girl", the one who's reliant on having a relationship to feel whole... but at this point, she is floundering under extreme circumstances and doubting herself and her ability to persevere through it all and it's making her mad, at herself and at Harry... it's also keeping her from thinking as clearly as she normally would have. I hope by the time you reach the newer chapters, after she regains a sense of herself and what she really is capable of, you will like her again because I promise, she was my favorite character in the real books and I would never want to do her wrong.

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