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Review:oldershouldknowbetter says:
On the day I finish my projects (a crocheted Dalek, Tardis and Doctor - check) a handful of my favourite fics update. Hooray! It's like a sign.
I just have to comment upon this chapter before I go back and do more of the old ones. So on we go.

After the tumultuous events of the last chapter, we need a breather so, thankfully, Sarita provides us with a kinder, fluffier gentler one.

Scorpius is not talking to Rose.
That's not right, its wrong. Scorpius should be at least happy if not overjoyed - the love of his life is bearing his child. I know she didn't tell him, but she didn't lie either. If he'd only not been so gutless and asked her straight out this drama (his paternity and probably most of the story) would have been over by chapter 12.

Being abandoned by Scorpius Rose goes alone to the scan. Again this is very wrong. Scorpius and/or James and/or Sarah has been with her through everything up until now. Somebody should have gone with her, but there was no one - no friends, no family, and no father/partner.
This is the point of course. At this point in time Rose has reached her nadir - there nowhere further down she can go. Scorpius hasn't talked to her for weeks; the whole world knows; she dreads her father's reaction; adrift and seemingly friendless she goes to the scan alone. It is telling that Ginny is the first to see her out of all the adults in her family and not her mother.
And yet she's not so upset as she has been in the past. We are witnessing Rose becoming stronger.

Oh I get it now. Scorpius had his head so full of emotions and thoughts he couldn't talk to Rose, he wasn't abandoning her. I'm reminded of the last chapter where he complains that he had to tell his parents with only a few hours of mental preparation. I forgive you Sarita, it actually makes perfect sense.

And he only starts to talk to Rose because of Chelsea.
Ah Chelsea, what a wonderful foil, such a useful villain. She does nearly exactly what is required of her every time.

A heartfelt apology from Rose that finally ... FINALLY! ... is the honest truth said (out loud) in front of Scorpius. Scorpius consoles her (poorly) but her true fears bubble to the surface, "... it shouldn't have happened?"
Scorpius replies "I'm glad it happened." "just because it was an accident doesn't mean it was a mistake," beautifully put, lovely stuff with a promise that things will improve.

Dom's absence explained - good for her she has a guy.

Made peace with Freddy, good and that's probably a full stop to the Freddy/Rose situation. Freddy will still be around, he's on the team of course, but that's it as far as Rose is concerned (unless something untoward and drastic happens). She is at peace with him and he's at peace with loosing Rose(as good as he can possibly be with loosing one of the best things to ever happen to him that is).

Rose and Scorpius hold hands. Yay!

And then along comes Astoria.
Help? From such an unlikely source? (at least for Rose that is). The whole Astoria scene is great. It is exactly how I think Astoria would be. She is the first of the Parents (grandparents to be) to embrace the future and hence embrace Rose.
Astoria is happy. Her son is going to be a father; there is a grandchild on the way. That some girl could love her son is a vindication of her dreams and efforts on the behalf of her family. I believe Astoria would have had a, if not difficult time, then at least a challenging one with Draco. Draco was always going to have a hard time putting his past behind him. Wanting/hoping to have his son shed the negative associations of his family name. I believe Astoria knows how Scorpius feels about Rose. So to her this situation is wonderful. It's a bit earlier than she would have wished and the circumstances could have been a lot better, but what she sees is a beloved son happy with the girl of his dreams and the promise of one grandchild on the way if not more to come. This is exactly how I imagined and wanted an Astoria of one of these Pregnant-Rose-stories to react.

Rose accepts Astoria's attentions in the spirit in which they were meant. One Grandparent on side, three more to go.

The intervention.

It's a bit of fluffy nonsense and a little bit too much ... too much. I understand it's purpose though - it's another grounding of the pack.

The spark that starts it off is Sarah being mobbed by boys. I thought it was a bit too forced until I remembered her Veela-ness. This is it isn't it? She sometimes forgets/is not aware of her allure. She stretches, she smiles, she says something inflammatory - Bang, they are onto her like snakes onto a hot rock.

And Becky snaps, but in the nicest way , by defending Sarah. A perfect fit with her nature, well done.

I'm not sure how much I liked the physical stagyness of the 'intervention' (especially Scorpius' part), but it is another nod to their animal natures. Words are not enough, they must show the animus of their natures to the pack. And it works, Becky is put back onto the right path. Sure of her welcome in the pack and, more importantly, some members of the pack *cough especially Albus cough* are reminded of her importance to the pack.

It also shows the strength of Rose. With all that's happened/happening to her she still has so much time for her friends. She truly is the driving force behind the pack. She has reached the bottom, there is nowhere to go but up especially with Scorpius at her side. Yes there will be trials (talking with Scorpius), some hurdles (Ron and her schooling) and even some potential pitfalls (the actual birth) we know now she has the strength to come through it all.

The Knight of the Rose wanders the wasteland in disarray.
Castle Rose cries out to him in her distress - he knows now there is a path back ...
will he be able to shoulder his duties?

Author's Response: Firstly, well done on your crocheting.

Secondly, oh how I have missed your reviews!

The story definitely could have been cut down to less than the 44 chapters, as it stands now. I believe I have finished it! I wanted to write a long fic to prove to myself I could do it, but in doing so I believe I lost half my readers along the way with too many side-plots, endless frustration and twists. Silly Sarita!

I wanted to make Rose's progression to an adult quite an upward curve here. She goes to her scan alone 'out of choice' - I quote that because I tried to impress upon the reader the decision to become stronger - she has an endless supply of friends and family and decided to go alone. However, it is not just out of strength that she goes alone. Rose is punishing herself in a warped way for (although not outright lying) being dishonest to Scorpius. She cannot bear the idea that somewhere inside her lives a coward and that part of her had control for the last few months.She throws herself into her usual life with courage this time. I don't know how well I actually managed to put that across!

Chelsea pops up just when I need her. A villain truly is a perfect tool for the reaction of other characters.

Rose finally lays it al out for Scorpius and apologises, and in doing so she takes away any anger he may have still harboured, and his true feelings being to rise to the surface. He can see no earthly reason any more why the two of them should be apart.

I had to add Freddie in. He is a loose end I could not bear to go untied. He needed a happy ending as he really was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

It was so important to me to get Astoria right. She needed to be strong and capable and independent, as well as understanding and kind and warm. She understands her son, really understands him, and in doing so, she understands Rose. She sees echoes of herself in this girl - a scared pregnant young woman who feels alone. She also recognises the love these two teens have for one another - they are willing but not always able; keen but insecure and above all, sure but definitely scared.

It is always about the pack. It always comes back to the pack, because when one falls, they are weakened as a collective. Rose was supported when she needed it, and needs to give it back to Becky, who is a bit of a lone wolf at times.

Yes, Sarah is, in the nicest possible way, a Veela mongrel. She is not stick thin, has jet black hair instead of silvery blonde and is unaware of her charms. She is the outlying factor, the runt of the litter of otherwise Pedigree creatures. I thought this was important to her development as a character - she is impervious to the attention of men, although those around her cannot escape it. Her whole being is intimidating, throwing off all but the most determined who wish to be close to her. It is another way of me trying to show Rose's ability to befriend those who need it, and another way to show James' tenacity in the face of adversity.

I knew the actual intervention would be hit or miss. But the chapter needed to let in some light on the dark situation and this was the only way which incorporated all the themes. Dom's insight into her friend is important - she understands Becky but deliberately does not get involved until needed.

Above all, this chapter was the strength of Rose, her future family (Astoria) her friends and their bond.

The Knight is disorientated by the bombshell that has thrown him from his post, but is shown the way back home with the calls of his love. Castle Rose has strong defences, but her foundation will crumble without her protector.

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