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Review:TheHeirOfSlytherin says:
A Hagrid story! Cool. I don't read many Hagrid stories. Given the title, the summary and him dressing up I guess he's going to the Ministry for a hearing or something to help clear his name for what happened when he was in school? Which I really hope they can do.

Ooh, yes, a full-on hearing, it seems. I'm very nervous. *Wishes Hagrid good luck with Ginny*

It's sad that even after a war that was partly about blood purity (at least for the Pureblood Death Eaters), prejudice is still the biggest issue in Hagrid's case. Understandable to see it and naive to think that centuries of these thoughs would just go away, but still sad. Especially when Hagrid is innocent and would still have his wand if not for Voldemort. I really hope they can help.

Oooh, using Harry's influence. And use it Harry did. For his friend, and a worthy cause (and I don't think that Harry would actually put his name on the list if it wasn't true... is it true?... maybe. Because Harry is good, deep down. I guess we'll see).

Aww, poor Harry. He made the best of a bad situation; it was harsh and it upset him, but I believe that. So maybe he can have a little fun at the party.

Aww, they fixed his wand! That'd be, like, the best present ever after having the pieces for so long. I wish the Elder wand weren't so powerful and persuasive, for a scary moment I thought Harry was going to keep it... Then again, it wouldn't be the Elder wand if it didn't do that.

Brilliant one-shot!


P.S. I have nothing left of yours to review... Weird. :P

Author's Response: I really need to get writing again. I think that's an inescapable conclusion of this exercise. Yes, need to write again.

I haven't read very many Hagrid stories either, which is partly why I wanted to write this one. I feel a little bad for the big guy, like his story was left much more in limbo than a lot of the other major characters.

Prejudice never goes away as quickly or as completely as we'd like. Just because the war is over and Voldemort lost, it doesn't mean that a lot of the same sentiment doesn't still linger. It just becomes unfashionable to express those views in polite company. What I liked about Wilton Anderson is that he's not actually a pureblood extremist. He's a half-blood wizard whose family worked hard to overcome the prejudice of the pureblood elite. The problem is that he took all the wrong lessons away from that experience. I think of him as being very similar to the Tea Party set in the U.S. When their grandparents were taking advantage of government assistance during the Great Depression, they saw that as the government "taking care of its own". Now that they've "made it" they call the same sorts of social programs "handouts" and say that they encourage laziness and dependency. Enough soap-boxing, though.

Harry does use his influence, and in a way that's really tricky to justify from a moral standpoint. You can condemn the choice that he makes almost as easily as you can rationalize it, and that was sort of the point. There's no black and white here. He's faced with a no-win situation and he makes what he thinks is the best choice at the time. I'm sure that Dumbledore was in the same spot many times as he struggled with the moral implications of using Harry to destroy Voldemort. In a sense, Harry finds himself in a microcosm of Dumbledore's situation. Dumbledore chose to serve "The Greater Good" at the expense of one person while Harry chooses to save one person at the expense of high-minded ideas of right and wrong. I think it says something about each of them.

Several times, I have nearly gone back and deleted the section at the end where Harry uses the Elder Wand to mend Hagrid's broken wand. I'm just not sure how well it really meshes with the rest of the story, and I'm also not sure it's something that Harry actually would have done. The Elder Wand was meant to be sealed away forever. Eh, still not sure about that...

I'm really pleased that you liked this. I was taking a much-needed break from CoB at the time, and the story actually ended up being a lot more than I'd planned on.

Gah, I need to go write more. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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