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Review:MargaretLane says:
Apologies for the long delay in getting to this. I've been really busy recently, but today, being our national holiday, I finally have some free time. Results should be up soon, so keep an eye out. *grins*

You capture the speaking pattern of the old man so well. I can really hear him.

Hmm, the French word for king is "roi". That's interesting as the Irish word is "r".

And I LOVE the way you contrast the situation in Britain and France. It makes sense that different countries would have different customs. And I can totally imagine the French revolution leading to less tolerance for magic, what with the whole Enlightenment and the distaste for frivolous things, understandably, as the people had been starving as the lords and ladies partied. I can well imagine the Sans Culottes seeing magic as just one more waste of money that should be swept aside.

*shivers at the thought of the killing of the enemies of the Crown* That usually doesn't bode well for my little country (and the word "bode" is rather appropriate there).

LOVE the little girl pouting at the implication that girls aren't brave.

OK, it sounds like this story is being told later than I thought. I kind of assumed the story was being told around the 18th or early 19th century, but if Voldemort is being mentioned, it must be after 1970. And before 1992 when Flamel dies.

You know, the Gaunts remind me of the Plantations here when the English and Scottish landowners were allowed only Protestant English and Scottish tenants and servants and not Catholic Irish.

Hmm, I wonder if this is the Peaks who would later get a place on the Gryffindor team and a sister, perhaps? Or no, if they are fighting in the first war, he wouldn't be born yet.

I like the way poorer wizards had to drop out of school early in earlier times. It makes sense the wizarding world would reflect the classism of the time.

Author's Response: Hello! :) Not a problem at all, though I am sorry in return for the lateness of this response!

And happy belated St. Patty's day! :D I was writing an Irish Lit essay all on that day, which is quite fitting.

I'm glad you felt you could hear him! I had a fun time working on his voice and trying to tell the story in the way he would.

That's quite interesting about roi and ri! I suppose all of the old languages lend to one another in certain ways.

Thank you! I'm so pleased you liked the France references. I quite enjoyed imagining what the magical world and magical politics might be like in France and how that would influence England. Yes, that's just what I thought - that magic in France turned into a sort of plaything of the aristocracy and the common people would be angered by this and possibly even afraid of it. I wish I knew even more about the French Revolution as focusing on it in a fanfic would be really fascinating.

I know! :( These times were really not very nice for Ireland - not that most times were, to be fair. And I love your mention of the word 'bode,' haha!

Yes! I actually got quite attached to those two kids by the end of this story. I've been sneakily integrating members of the Peakes family into some of my other stories as well for some reason.

I placed this at some point during Voldemort's first rise, though it's not entirely clear in the story. I wanted to kind of let the reader guess and figure it out instead of stating implicitly, as it would read a little awkwardly if Flamel just dropped in the year.

That's quite interesting! It is rather like that, and I think there are some interesting parallels to be drawn between magic/muggle and religious differences. In some of the poems I've studied this semester in my Irish literature class the poets talk about how Ireland should be unified regardless of the religion of its people (I just wrote a whole essay on this :P) and how differences between "brothers" are tearing "Erin" apart and leaving her a "widow.' I feel that the magical/muggle divide is similar in a way because the biology and culture of the people are the same, yet streamed into two different groups who hate and fear one another. It's quite cool to have a reader like you for this story who has that knowledge of history and can see the Irish historical influences in this story! :)

Ah yes, I imagined that life as a poor wizard would be more difficult.

Thanks so much for the brilliant review, and for choosing this story as one of the winners. I really appreciate it! :)

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