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Review:Beeezie says:
Oooh, I really liked this! Great job!

I'd always kind of wondered about Myrtle. She seemed to be so pathetic and sensitive in the books that it was clear that something had happened to her, but I guess I always just assumed that it was a combination of her personality and dying young. This makes much more sense, though - I can totally see how bullying and loneliness could have led her to be that way.

Reading about how she was bullied and ignored was heartbreaking, but you really did portray it in a very realistic way. The combination of teasing and silence was just terrible, and it made me feel so much sympathy for her.

Olive in particular was brutal, and I can see why Myrtle haunted her for so long. She definitely deserved it. I do question your making Olive a Slytherin, though - it seems to play into a lot of stereotypes about the House, which isn't a problem all on its own, but it also seems to me that there is a limit to how much damage Olive could do being in a House that was different from Myrtle's. I'm not saying that she couldn't be awful in class, but it just seems to me that she would have been so much worse as a Ravenclaw. It would also make Myrtle's hiding in the bathroom make a little more sense if she was avoiding her common room or dormitory because of Olive.

I don't know, though. I can also understand why you'd choose to do it this way. If Olive was in Myrtle's House, you might have had to tone down her behavior a bit. And, of course, for all I know, it's canon that Olive was a Slytherin!

I'd also always wondered how Myrtle died. I mean, I know that she died, but she wore glasses, so why didn't she just get petrified? Your take on Myrtle makes that make a lot of sense - though I do wonder why the glasses ended up carrying over to her ghost form if she was so unaccustomed to them and wasn't even wearing them when she died.

Sorry. Very nitpick.

Overall, this was an excellent story that made me care about a character I never really expected to care about! Excellent job. :)

Author's Response: Hello!!

I'm so sorry I've taken ages to respond. Life got kind of hectic then I just didn't have time to focus on responses (or writing).

Humanizing Myrtle was a fun task to undertake. I didn't really like her in the books but I thought she had to end up that way for some reason. Bullying seemed quite logical as she mentions it to Harry (or at least alludes to it) when she's talking about haunting Olive Hornby. There's also the question about why she'd go so far to haunt one person unless they did make her living life hell.

There were a few things that made me put Olive into Slytherin - it wasn't just because she was mean but I wanted to hint at the idea of her being an acquaintance of Tom Riddle and his possible planning out of Myrtle's death. There's also the amount of muggle born hatred being tossed around that year. In CoS when the chamber is open, students kind of banded together, except for the Slytherins. I imagine that Olive could inflict quite a bit of damage in classes, in the hallways, and at meal times. I don't think Myrtle had friends from her CR which would be why she didn't seek refuge there. Or if she did than it was not much more comforting than outright dislike. I don't recall if it's canon that Olive was a Slytherin though.

I justified the glasses carrying over into her ghost form because she internalized what the glasses represented to her (being awkward, nerdy, the outcast) rather than having been accustomed to them.

much thanks. wow. very review :)

I do appreciate the thought you put into your review!


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