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Review:ShadowRose says:
Hello! I'm here for the Gryffindor/Slytherin Blackout Battle!

Creepy is definitely right! This story is so twisted, and such a different take on the whole speed-dating prompt. I think it's great that the companion piece to this is so lighthearted, because it creates a great contrast between the you two's writing styles.

This is definitely a lot of different emotions to pack into one piece - her adoration for the Dark Lord, her mix of disgust and attachment to her husband, her distaste for her weak sister, her love of killing, and so much more. But it definitely all ties in together well, and I really can't help but feel like I know Bellatrix so much more after reading this. It's just a one-shot, but it feels like I've read a novel about her with all of the different aspects of her character that you've covered. You've captured her twisted personality perfectly.

When I saw that this was a Bellatrix piece, I was really confused as to how you planned on fitting the whole pairing aspect of the prompt, when Bellatrix's only allegiances have really been to the Dark Lord. So I definitely like the way that you went with this - loving her husband doesn't seem fitting for what we know of Bellatrix at all, but I think the way that you phrased it - that she dislikes yet likes her husband all at once, but still puts the Dark Lord above him completely, really captures that well. I do like the roses touch right at the end, because it really tied in the two completely different stories very well.

"I understood why it was said the most passionate of killers ate the hearts of their victims. When roused into a certain mood, I was perfectly eager to devour all I could touch."

GOOD GRACIOUS that's intense. Talk about twisted. You've definitely given Bellatrix her intensely violent personality, and given it this really deep emotional attachment as well. I really love this line, purely because it shows how sadistic she can really be.

I really love the way you end this. She's gotten the roses, but it's not seen as some intensely romantic gesture, and it goes on to "zoom out" of the scene and focus on the fact that they're in Azkaban, which really reminds the reader where all of this is taking place and makes it all that much creepier.

"Now, with my husband I felt a strange sense of dichotomous passions, the sense of both wanting to be held closely by him and wanting to destroy and throttle him, to feel his life and soul trickle out into the air, to see the dark eclipse eyes finally stop hiding the moon behind them. I could bite out his heart and hold it gently."

I feel like this is honestly the creepiest single sentence I've ever read. My gosh, she's so CRAZY. Who thinks about both cuddling with and ripping the heart out of their husband at the same time? It's really captured her personality so much though - Bellatrix has always been the type of character that's completely off her rocker, and you're showed that so, so well here.

Your description, as always, is absolutely stunning, and it's so rich with imagery that I can just visualise every scene perfectly in my head.

GAH. Wow. This is just great and amazing and twisted and I have no words. Fantastic job.

-ShadowRose (Taylor)

Author's Response: Hi Taylor! :)

Wow, thanks so much for this amazing review! :D

I'm glad you found it creepy, hehe. Creepy is so fun, and I'm glad you liked the contrasts. We both played to our favourite styles and it was a lot of fun to coordinate.

It's lovely to hear you feel like you know Bellatrix a little better! I'm glad you felt it covered many aspects of her character, and that it felt like a novel's worth of information. She's both a very complex-minded yet determined with simple objectives at the same time.

Yes! I imagined that while Bellatrix is very dedicated to Voldy, she wouldn't have married Roddy if she didn't have some sort of connection with him, even if it's founded off of working together for their murderous goals. :P She's a little driven mad by this point from being in Azkaban, and so those feelings are all tangled and confused as well. I imagine her being different when she went into prison than when she came out, and this was a bit of a moment of transition. I'm glad you liked the mentions of the roses as well! Poor Roddy could not catch a break. :P

I'm glad you liked that line! :) It was so twisted, hehe. It was quite fun being a little gruesome in this story.

Ah yes, I imagined that Bellatrix getting roses would not be something she especially appreciated.

Now that I'm re-reading that, it is so creepy!!! Ahh!! She's so contrary and confusing, but I'm glad you liked how it showed her darkness. Her mind was quite the terrifying place to get into.

I'm glad you liked the description, thank you! :) That's so lovely to hear!

Thank you so much for this incredible review! :D It was so thoughtful and detailed and I really appreciate it. :)

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