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Review:patronus_charm says:
I thought it would be fun to read one of your older pieces (though this only 6 months old :P), and the fact Iíve been wanting to read Spies for a while now so here was my chance to do so :)

Wow. This was such a fascinating one-shot, Iíve never seen Snape or Peter in this light before and now itís just making me view them all the differently. You really showed their reasons for changing sides perfectly and the way you made them scared at first and then at ease on their new side was really fantastic, it was almost as if they were mirroring one another.

Iíll start with Peter first because I think I almost enjoyed his character a teeny bit more than I did Snapeís. I think it was the way you showed his reasoning for why he changed sides which is what did it. The way I could sense this bitterness build up and up against James, and the others which caused him to want to shine in his own way which was joining the Death Eaters. You made his feelings so complex though because you made him want to care for Lily still, and he was annoyed that he still liked her and that twist was really fantastic.

One thing that I thought was really interesting was how the further we got into the one-shot the less Peter thought or cared about his friends and the more focused he was on his goal of securing safety and respect from Voldemort. You didnít let it slip entirely though because there was that lovely little line about how he never slept properly until Sirius was in Azkaban and that showed how the image of them was always haunting him in a way. You just showed him in this new and more selfish light than what I tend to see of him and I really enjoyed it.

Snape was fantastic too! The difference here than with Peter was how he never really thought too much about his past with the Death Eaters but only of the present with his family, the Order and protecting Lily. That subtle shift just showed how Snape was never really meant to be with the Death Eaters as they occupied so little of his thoughts and how sure he was of his actions compared with Peter who never really knew what he was doing.

The ending with Snape was really fantastic, and I could really see the Snily shipper side of you come through here. I really liked the idea that he would be there on receiving the news because it was almost as if he was making amends for everything that he may have done to Lily or James. There was small let up when looking at Harry, but when he resolved to help and protect him there was a feelings overload as it was so true and so real, and really showed the pure form of love he had for Lily rather than the twisted one.

This was such a fantastic one-shot Amanda, and Iím so glad that I read it!


Author's Response: Hey Kiana, thanks so much for coming by!

This is actually my favorite one-shot that I've written, so I'm thrilled that you picked it. I guess my style does change pretty fast, so maybe six months is technically "old." Haha.

I did kind of mean for Peter and Severus to mirror one another in this piece. That's where the "trading places" chapter title comes in, because I thought they each filled the gap left by the other in their respective groups, in an imperfect way.

Yeah, I don't think Peter was ever really able to shed the guilt that came from betraying his friends. He couldn't get past the fact that they were good and his actions were so villainous, however necessary he felt they were at the time. He tries so hard to throw himself into his new lifestyle, but he can only do so much to put his past behind him, and he still lives with some fear. I did try to build a good case for him changing sides, which is something that I think we're missing a lot from canon and other Marauder era stories, so I'm glad you liked looking deeper into that aspect.

It's great that you felt like Severus's sense of purpose was really tangible here. I do think I tried to paint him as really putting the past behind him and focusing on what he could do to make himself over. It's like when you make a mistake and you're so embarrassed and ashamed that you want to pretend like it never even happened. Sadly, he had lots of time after Lily's death to reflect on that particular bad choice.

I'm always happy when I can give readers a friendly little kick in the feels. It was nice to be able to do that with Severus in the end and give him a shot at redemption.

Thanks so much for this wonderful review! It was really fun to swap with you :)


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