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Review:writeyourheartout says:
Hi kenpo! First of all, congratulations on finishing this story in time for the challenge, and secondly, double points for making it so stinkin' good! Please forgive all impending gushing! ^.^

I suppose begin at the beginning makes sense, yes? That opening scene was just adorable! What I love about it - outside of the great writing, of course - is the simplicity of it. There are times when simplicity walks a thin line beside boring, but when it's used correctly, it creates these truly memorable moments of either poignancy or insignificant significance! And this scene was so insignificantly significant in the best way imaginable that I about *squee*d out loud. I love the way you've tied the title into the story, with the little 'Birdie' anecdote. It's such a basic sort of foundation to have set Rose and Scorpius up with, but it's really effective in the fact that it gives them that bit of history, so we aren't being told to accept their engagement without any idea of who your versions of each of them are or where their relationship stemmed from. It was a very clever way to open the story - and one that your partner uses as well!

Speaking of, I love the idea you and Isobel came up with in regards to this competition! Two sides of an engagement announcement, both of which were a joy to read about (though I've yet to leave a review for Isobel's just yet)! Really great! ^.^

This middle section... I just... I lost track of how many times I laughed out loud or stumbled upon a moment of brilliance, but I suppose I ought to pick at least a choice few to relay here:

HAHAHA WEASLEY FLASHCARDS? Oh man... I need to get me some of those... I can't keep any of the next gen kids straight for the life of me! I totally feel for Scorpius.

Aww, I love the little exchange about the Burrow! It's really sweet that even though the Weasley's surely are much wealthier these days, they still kept their family home. It's really only fitting; I'd be sad to see them move on from it. Plus, with the possible exceptions of Percy and Ron, I don't think any of the Weasley's have even been particularly lavish people... And the Burrow has too many memories! Somebody tell Scorpius that he'd better learn to appreciate the Burro- oh wait, he sort of gets it. Okay, I'll not rant, then... ;)

"You've got my support, but you should know that the last male that was added to the Weasley family by marriage was Harry Potter." - LOL! Oh boy, Hugo... That is NOT helpful! And then Ron! "I'm an Auror." Bahaha! I can't. This is so funny. Poor Scorpius! hahaha And then Hermione with this sound advice: "Just make a few jokes and don't talk about your father." *dies* My God, you've done just a marvelous job at balancing the entire family in this story! There are so many people to handle that it easily could have gone wrong, but you've managed to write each familiar character from the books perfectly while giving the newbies distinct personalities! How did you manage all of that in just 72 hours? I expect it must be similar to juggling flaming torches - which is apparently a skill you possess, because every character was brilliant!

DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD YOU'VE MADE IT NOT TO JUST QUOTE THIS ENTIRE STORY BACK AT YOU? hahaha Seriously, there are so many great lines and moments... When Scorpius mentions his House-elf, I about died. The stillness that filled the Weasley house-hold gripped me as well!

""You're a filthy Malfoy," he spat. "Rose, you better not take his last name."" - Wow, that first part was harsh - even for Ron. The second half made me chuckle, though. hehehe What I love most about this section was how you were able to bring us down from all the hilarious insanity that ensued and make us feel truly sorry for Scorpius. He's really beaten down at this moment, fighting back tears as the world seems to crumble around him. The moment with Harry, though, I really loved - there was something very gentle and almost surreal about its effect - though I desperately wish I could have heard the conversation that followed! Perhaps when the winners are announced and you're allowed to go over the 2500 word cap, you can add it in for me, yeah? ;)

"Her nose would scrunch up a bit, and she'd constantly push her long, bushy red hair out of (her) face."

"Scorpius swallowed hard and had to fight his instincts, which were telling him to slither under the table and reside there for the rest of (his) life." - hahaha This part was too cute. "Rose wouldn't mind moving in under the table, would she?" :-p

I thought the ending - and I'm referring strictly to the last two or three lines, not the entire section - could have packed a little more punch, as it felt like it sort of just deflated out... but that's strictly my opinion and literally the only criticism I have! Everything else was just... oh my goodness, so brilliant. hahaha

I really loved this. Honestly, it was such a joy to read and I laughed so hard a few times that I had to actually take a break from reading! You're a very talented writer and I'm definitely going to have to check out some of your other stories after reading this. I mean, you wrote this fantastic one-shot in less than 72 hours, so I can only imagine the quality of writing you can produce under far less pressure! You're just great. I have no more words.

Tanya :)

P.S. As I proof-read this review, I literally cannot stop giggling to myself. I sound like an idiot, to be honest; thank goodness I live alone! :-p

Author's Response: THIS REVIEW WAS SO NICE!

You're so sweet. I can't even articulate how nice this was.

Both my partner and I independently decided to start the stories with little snippets that aren't completely related to the engagement, so it worked out really well!! I'm glad you liked the simplicity of it.

I can't imagine them ever giving up the Burrow!! It would break my heart. The Burrow will stay. And Scorpius will learn to love it, too. He does see a little bit of the magic for a moment.

I balance the Weasley family by having massive amounts of headcanon and making up random reasons for some of them to not be there (oh, uh... They're at Quidditch! There was a big order at WWW! Yup! Yup!)

Ron was harsh. He'll eventually understand that he was too harsh. He was bombarded with not only having to deal with his baby girl growing up... but growing up with Scorpius!

I keep just rereading this review and smiling because it's so stinkin' nice!!!

Harry! Honestly, the only reason that Harry was the one to intervene was because I realized that I didn't really mention him (other than the Hugo bit) in the entire story, and I didn't give a reason for he and Ginny to not be there... but then once I wrote it I was really pleased with it!!

The ending, yes. I completely agree. My partner and I actually initially had different endings planned, but the word-counts got us!!

And about adding more... there may or may not be a sequel that's getting a foundation set... may or may not... you didn't hear anything from me...

This review was seriously just so ridiculously sweet and thankyouthankyouthankyou!


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