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Review:toomanycurls says:
Hello!!! I read this while I was waiting for my appointment and had to hold in a great deal of oohing and awing. Reading FF in public makes me look almost crazy.

I really enjoyed your quote at the beginning from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. It put me in mind of the zooligocial perspective for this story.

This chapter, I connected that it's Nicolas Flamel telling thiss tory. That was my first moment of unabashed excitement. I can't remember if you explicitly pointed out who the narrator was in the last chapter but I was certainly excited about it here. That gives the story so much more credibility as an actual historial record.

I love the idea of the Ministry using informers to catch when magic was done in front of muggles. I imagine that it'd be easy to find out about with technology being so limited so anything magic would stand out greatly.

Bode doubting whether there had been a monster to begin with reminded me of Fudge's treatment of Harry with the dementers. I wonder if this incident caused them to add the amendment about doing magic to save a muggle's life. Ooh, and I like how you mentioned the obliviator looking tired from taking all those memories from the muggles. It's such an interesting idea that it would exact something on the wizard to mess with someone's memory.

I was excited to see the Gaunts make an appearance in this story and to hear a bit about their intermixing with muggle elitist classes. It seems that muggles are worthless unless they have quite a bit of gold.

I really like how you give hints about when this story is being told. I've decided that one of the kids has to the beater Peakes who played quidditch with Harry - that fits with the hints you gave about Voldemort and Dumbledore being alive. Then slipping in that their parents are fighting in the (first?) war is just wonderful. You are a brilliant person.

I couldn't believe that Peakes stole the sorting hat from Hogwarts!! I love the side story on how corrupt the school was then and that muggleborns had to be exceptional to get in. Even the bit about poorer students not studying for the entire time (which you also have in Play the Devil but I love that you're consistent in your HP-lore).

Oily lips - ew. X-|

This story is so multidimensional that my head my explode from your awesome. It's like Princess Bride except your have a more compelling story with the kids here.


Author's Response: Hi Rose! :)

Ah, reading FF in public is so funny! :) I'm sure a lot of us can relate to this. :P

I'm glad you liked the quote! I wanted to drive home the idea that the sea serpent isn't naturally violent and what the official records and authorities might say about things like this.

Yay! Yes, I'm not sure why it didn't feel quite right to explain outright he was Flamel in the last chapter, but I'm glad you like the connection. Despite his biases and generally irritable personality, Flamel definitely has the authority to be telling this story. It's so interesting, thinking of how much he's lived through: it makes me want to write so many more stories about him!

I'm happy you liked the detail about the informers. It gives the chance for corruption but also for how knowledge and law would have worked in those times. The Ministry's corruption at this point and the informers make it quite dangerous to be a wizard.

I love how you connected this to Fudge - Bode is rather like a more violent and brutal version of him. And there might be a little more to his character than just ignorance... :P This would definitely be one of the incidents which people might cause a fuss about and might lead to eventual policy changes, I'd like to think. I'm glad you liked the detail about the Obliviators as well! I felt it would have to be a very difficult and straining job, or else everyone would go around Obliviating everyone else all the time when they did something bad. :P

Yes! In my head canon anyway, wizards have no problem mingling with Muggles if they have the chance to gain from it and exploit the Muggles.

Ooh, interesting connection! :) They definitely have something to do with that boy. You're so perceptive, hehe. :)

I know! Hogwarts in my mind goes through periods of prosperity and corruption depending on the Headmaster. I'm glad you liked the consistency, hehe. It's fun letting the stories link to one another in very subtle ways.

Ew. Agreed.

I'm glad you like the different levels of the story, it was actually so much fun to write and imagine! I'm excited for you to read the next chapter (review swap soon?) and to hear your thoughts on it... the story weirdly ended up turning into a bit of a mystery. I'm happy you find the story with the kids compelling as well, I was quite pleased with how it fit together.

Thank you for the amazing review, Rose! :D I love hearing your thoughts and reactions here, you're just such a great reviewer!

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