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Review:writeyourheartout says:
Hello again, farmgirl! :-D

So I've just come from Sarah's entry and am forcing myself to get this review in before going to bed tonight, like I chose to do yesterday when I was meant to be reviewing you instead of sleeping... and the night before that as well... :-p

Anyhoo... moving forward! I am indeed here now! So, shall I stop rambling and get to the actual reviewing part? ...I take your silence as a yes. Here we go!

I'm sorry, but... you didn't really write this in one night, did you? I mean... I know I was there with you while it was happening, but... I don't understand how! This turned out so great! Surely you, too, slaved away at it for three sleepless nights like -some- of us lowly folk have to do in order to craft something even halfway decent! You're killing me here! Unfair. Just... unfair.

Alright, I'll set aside my jealousy and bitterness for the rest of this review. ;)

It's so great, farmgirl! It's funny and charming and your versions of each Weasley present is as good as ever!

I already mentioned this in my review to Sarah, but I really love the idea you guys came up with. It's always great to see you writing right in your sweet spot, and this was no exception. Your twins are so funny and mischievousness and unforgettable. The whole undercover wedding thing was just perfect; it's so exactly the type of ceremony I would expect from the two of them. It makes me nearly desperate to try my hand at my own George wedding in regards to 'Lying Josephine', but I think I'll leave it here with you and Sarah and these two stories rather than trying to mess about with my own. I'm certain any attempt of my own would pale in comparison!

Molly is a stand-out here, as well. You've given her the perfect balance of angry and hurt and upset, but also so proud and pleased and emotional! She's conflicted in the most motherly of ways and it's just such a sweet moment when she finally sets aside her feelings of discontent and her inability to keep from scolding and lecturing to cry about her boys getting married! She's so sweet, really. I know you mentioned to me about how you felt this story was purely comical without any moments of depth, but when Molly can't help but to blurt out her, "And...and...oh my baby boys! I can't believe it! You're married!" it's really a very touching moment of both depth and poignancy. I love it. :)

Aunt Muriel was a fun little addition and a great way to open the story! She's such a crabby old thing, isn't she? I just love seeing the twins poke the dragon when she's already got smoke billowing from her nostrils.

Even though we only get a few small glimpses of Aziza and Akila in your version of the story, I really loved what you wrote about them. The fact that they were the ones who came up with the majority of the idea behind the outlandish prank of a wedding just speaks volumes about them both, which is really a lovely touch, considering they're both OC's and we only get a short amount of time to feel any sort of connection to them. As someone you know to be particularly fond of the twins, finding correct women to pair them each with is something that easily could have gone wrong from my perspective, but you managed to give them these really great girls that I know will make them forever happy in alternate universe land. ^.^

*blushes* FARMGIRL! Exactly what type of festivities could you possibly be alluding to here? hehehehe :-p

There are so many quotable lines throughout this story that I must limit myself to just a choice few before I regurgitate your entire fic back at you!

Of course there's this gem: "You two! I can't believe you just...! Grass mats and a llama? Tibetan chanting? Belly dancing House-elves?" - HAHAHAHA Omg, I knew it was coming and STILL I laughed out loud! So funny. How you came up with it, I will never know. hahaha Oh, and I love how it's not just a crazily made-up idea from Fred and George, but that there is actually a House-elf Belly Dancing Club of its own! Beyond ridiculous, my friend. I can't. Ahaha

"The moment their mum heard the word "wedding" she turned into a giddy, crying, planning monster." - LOL Poor Mrs. Weasley. hahaha

And last, but not least, this final exchange: ""Looks like Muriel found the cake!" he said between chortles. - "See, Mum! Weddings are a blast," George added, laughing so hard he had to lean forward on his knees." - hahahaha Omg, I can't. It just wouldn't be a Weasley twin wedding without some exploding cake and silly pun, would it? I can't stop giggling. hehehe

Sheesh, farmgirl, you've done it again. Another fantastic story that has me laughing uncontrollably throughout its entirety! I mean it, though: this story was honestly enjoyable and thoroughly entertaining from start to finish. It's quick and simple and easy and just absolutely delightful. Oh, and congratulations on finishing on time for the competition! I still can't believe you did this all in one night... I won't harp on it again though... I'll just tuck my bitter envy away for safe-keeping... ;)

Wonderful, as always.

Tanya ^.^

Author's Response: Hey T :)

I am a huge fan of sleep. It's probably my favorite hobby. So, I will never hold it against you for sleeping instead of reviewing. Seriously. LOL.

Now, stop with the over-exaggerating. You know I wrote it in one night, and it totally shows. Not my best writing ever, but I am glad you enjoyed it anyway. So, stop being silly with the gushing.

As for writing about the twins, that was totally me putting pressure on, hehehe. I really wanted to do something with them and Sarah was so sweet and game to go along with it.

What do you mean you won't write a George/Jo wedding? I WANNA SEE THE WEDDING! You have to do it, now that you've hinted at it. I really, really would love to read that.

You are so sweet about your comments on Molly. I was worried I'd gone overboard with her, but you make me feel better. And I honestly don't know how you can find so much amazing stuff to write in this review for a story as short and hurried as this on. The review is practically longer than the story!

I am very glad your team helped me out with the idea to include Muriel. She IS a blast to write. At this rate, I'm gonna let her get to 150 just so I can keep including her in stories. And you know, under all the crabbiness, I somehow get the feeling the twins might actually be her favorites.

Glad the girls came off okay in this. It WAS such a short fic to try and give them personalities. I was worried.

And stop the blushing. You know exactly what I'm talking about. They are married after all...

As for the house elves and their strange club...I give total credit to that one to the late nights. Strange things come out of my mind when it's sleep deprived.

So glad you liked it, and it made you laugh, and stop with the jealous cause it's not worth it. hehehe. It was fun to right and I'm honored you graced it with such an amazing review. Thanks, as ever, for your support my friend. You rock!

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