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Review:ohmymerlin says:
Hey, Isobel! I am SO sorry for the delay! Real life can be a real meanie poo sometimes!

Okay so first, Alicia and Roxanne's conversation.

You asked if Roxanne acted appropriately/was justified in her treatment towards Alicia and I think she was! I don't understand the full story yet but seeing as she lied to Albus and to Roxanne and Fred and her sister, I think that's completely justified! And she's a mother of two, I think she's fully at liberty to act the way she wants to. Personally, if I was Roxanne, I would NEVER ever do that. I think on some level, Alicia and Roxanne are quite similar.

With the revelation that Alicia lied to Leanne - unless that's another sister I'm forgetting - I think Leanne was very forgiveable! I am constantly amazed that people are helping Alicia - I would be like 'NO WAY IN HELL AM I GOING NEAR YOU' :p - but it's definitely proof that she's exceptionally good at manipulating people.

I really like that you've made Alicia INCREDIBLY flawed. Many main characters are flawed but this is one of the rare main characters where I actually don't like. I don't like that she's extraordinarily selfish - I know she thinks she's doing it for the company but most of it has stemmed from not wanting Al there which I think is so selfish.

Sorry if I've offended you with my dislike of Alicia - but I love the whole story and all the other characters, don't worry! I'm loving reading this! - but she's a very difficult character to like. I just want to smack her and sit her down and give her a good talking to, ahaha :p

I thought the last section was good! It's also obvious Alicia has a small attention span. It's not that she gets easily distracted, but if something new comes up she just leaves all the other equally important stuff - helping her sister get an extension for her dream job? *coughs* - and rushes to do that? I don't know, though. I'm the sort of person who won't do anything UNTIL I've completed my first task. I get a bit OCD about that. I must have my list crossed off chronologically :p

Sophie is extremely useful, isn't she? I really like her character so far! And that is a good idea about extending the (somewhat illegal) business to Muggle-borns! (As a side note, I just found out I've been spelling that wrong all the time. I always wrote it as one word, ahaha!)

Oh, and this is a bit off topic, but you accidentally add a closing quote mark on this sentence:

I know that the more I talk, the likelier it is that I'll make her decide not to help."

but it's a simple error that's easily fixed. I always tend to do it too :p

And you said take a guess as to who Marin is but I haven't got a clue! I Googled it to see if it was a girl's name so that's how utterly clueless I am. :p Will she help with the plan for the next day? As well as helping organising the Muggle-born extension of the company? Or will she get an extension for Leanne's deadline? Or all of the above? :p

I am extremely curious as to who she's (or he's) going to be and what she/he will do!

All in all, this was a great chapter! I really loved reading about it and I am so curious as to how the plan will pan out and whether or not they're all going to get caught! All the characters seem super interesting and I really want to know the full story about Alicia and Al, and all the lying and stuff!

Speaking of, I would also like to see more Al but seeing as he's a silent partner and Al and Alicia don't really get on that fantastically, it makes sense why he's not an integral part of the story at the moment.

Will he be brought into the plan though? Seeing as the summary says 'We had a 100% success rating until Albus Potter walked in' (or some variation of that) and accidentally stuff it all up? Or is it just that Alicia is blaming him for everything as a result of guilt?

Anyway, as you can tell I'm very intrigued by this story! I'm going to add it to my favourites! :D

Again, sorry about the massive delay - I never intended it to go that long - and I will respond to your PM soon but as I said before I have something else to cross off my list first, ahaha!

Feel free to request again! :)

- Kay;a :)

Author's Response: Kayla, hi!! Don't worry about this -- this response hasn't been that prompt, either :P

Thank you! ^.^ I wasn't too sure at all, since fortunately I've not been in Roxanne's situation. I'm really pleased you caught that little subtlety about Alicia and Roxanne being more similar than they'd like to admit, because they were brought up together and their parents are still close even after all those years so they have a lot in common.

Haha! Leanne was indeed the sister that Alicia lied to. I do feel that way sometimes, but then people do /have/ to help her in order to keep the plot moving :P Not to mention that the reader (and me) know Alicia's internal thoughts, but the other characters only see the good girl exterior she tries to portray.

Don't worry! Alicia is the exception -- I /want/ you to not like her, because she's a challenge for me. I like to think that she has the "what if" factor, like when there's a choice and we choose the better option because we're nice people, and Alicia makes the bad choice -- through her, we can see what if. If that makes any sense at all?

Hehehehe. Alicia does have the other things on her mind, but she tends to focus on one thing at a time and put things in order of deadline. For example, Marin has something to do with the plan for the next day, so she has to be there that night while the deadline for Leanne's article is the next morning (and even then the Bludger would need time to decide on a candidate so the deadline's longer).

That's kind of why Alicia hired her ;) Most employers would see Sophie's youth as a disadvantage, but she sees the world through innocent eyes. She sees no reason in expanding the business to work in the Muggle world, despite the fact that someone with more life experience might be all "what about the purist clients? what about the ISS? what about such-and-such and so on" and that's why she's my favourite employee of Alicia's :P

Ooh, thanks! I'll fix that soon!

You already know who Marin is now from the forums, sort of :P As for the rest of your questions, you'll just have to read the next chapter when it comes out ;)

Hehehehehe thank you! I'm really glad that I've kept your interest, 10k into this novel!

THERE WILL BE MORE ALBUS. I feel like I've already told you this, but I may be misremembering, so here goes: he was supposed to appear in this chapter, and the whole stuffing-up incident in chapter four, but because the chapter length became longer than planned, Albus comes in in chapter four and the disastrous event happens in chapter five. :P

Oooh thank you, I'm so pleased! ♥

Again, don't worry about the delay, I'm guilty of it too! Thank you so much for reviewing, Kayla, especially such a super-long monster one as usual :P

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