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Review:blueirony says:
I've finally managed to get onto the Internet for an extended period of time without it crashing on me. It's like the world doesn't want me to continue to read this. Pfft. As if I answer to the world.

You're really good at lawyer-speak, you know that? Don't know how you did it. Maybe it comes with writing experience. But it almost feels like you know how lawyers speak. Or you're just really good at writing. Or both.

It's interesting how you used the jail time as a way to not deal with grief. It's funny how that happens in real life. I have seen things like that happen to friends. They mute their grief because there is just so much to do and then it finally hits them and it's like canon exploding. So true of the human condition!

I can't BELIEVE it was Percy! But, you know what? At the same time, it fits. I feel like Percy is the perfect person to do something like that. All of his grief and anger just consumed him and he let it out in one horrible moment. Interesting that you chose Percy of all people, though.

I actually had to re-read part of this. At first, I thought that Harry knew what Percy had done and that is why he pulled him aside. But then Percy surprised Harry with his confession. That's when I had to go back and re-read it. Harry and Percy are talking about something that happened in the jail. So I think that something happened in the jail. But we don't know what. Yet.

Why do you enjoy toying with you readers so much? I have all these unanswered questions!

That last bit was really sweet. I like that Harry was able to find peace with his family and especially Sirius. And again, you didn't delve too much into it. You just said that the portraits were there and that was that. That's what writing should be. I've said it before but I really believe in it. To use a very cliche phrase, you "show" and don't "tell". You just write your world how it is and we as readers accept it. That's what writing should be.

Still hooked and I'm still going to review the living daylights out of this story! I still don't get why it's taken me so long to get around to reading this.

Author's Response: Hi, Joop!

I used to deal with a lot of attorneys in my past career life, so I got something of a handle on how they talk in a professional capacity. From there, I just layered on a bit of that "kangaroo court" feel that Harry's Wizengamot trial had in OotP. Wizards may be brilliant and magical and all that, but I find that their idea of an orderly course of events is quite a bit different from us poor muggle folk.

The more I thought about the time Harry and Ron spent in jail, the more sense it made that they would have used the trial and the investigation as a way around having to confront their grief and loss. Neither one of them is especially good at dealing with their feelings. It would have been easy enough for the two of them to drag Hermione along for the ride.

I like to think of Percy as a much more complicated character than the pompous nerd that most authors make him out to be. There are some very deep emotions that run through the guy, and in this case somebody took a member of his family away from him. I think that probably reawakened some of the old pain and grief of losing Fred. I didn't find it hard to believe that Percy could find the self-righteous anger to kill the man who murdered his sister.

You were actually right the first time. It isn't explicitly stated, but during the course of preparing the Trio's defense, Percy confessed to the three of them. Harry knows Percy well enough and has enough experience in law enforcement that he's very concerned about his brother-in-law. Percy is not, by nature, a liar. Keeping the secret isn't going to come easy to him, especially since defending the Trio from murder charges has gained him a certain level of notoriety. An interesting note on this point: not a single reviewer out of 50 has commented on the fact that the Head Auror is helping a murderer to remain free.

I adore toying with readers. It's how I keep you all entertained!

I always loved the idea of magical portraits in the books and I wished that JKR had made more out of it. It's an incredible link to the past that only JKR's witches and wizards will ever be able to experience. So I've tried to use them in a way that isn't too overbearing. I'm glad you feel like I'm showing the reader things as opposed to telling them. To me, that always makes a story much more enjoyable.

I'm really, really glad you like it! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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