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Review:nott theodore says:
Hi Tanya! I've just realised that I've never read anything of yours before and now I'm questioning why on earth that is, because this was amazing!

I said this in my review on the partner story, but I really love the concept you have here tying the two stories together. It's great seeing two sides of the same coin, the best and worst a date could be, and it was James/Lily!

"Everything was perfect." This pretty much sums up this piece, actually. I know you had to stay up late to do this and get it finished in time, but I honestly think you did a brilliant job and I don't think it at all seems like you were ever worried about getting this finished! It's brilliant writing and I just loved reading it!

Also, going back to the two halves of the story comment earlier, I think you've worked really well with your partner on this one. These two stories follow on so well from each other and just fit together so well!

Oh dear, poor, poor James. I'm honestly trying to refrain from quoting your whole story back at you right now, because it's hard to know what to say. I can't believe how well you set up the characterisation of the Marauders in the first couple of lines of this story, with Remus being the 'wise' one who's more patient and calm, then James and Sirius trying out experiments on toast and determined to prove him wrong. It just speaks so much to me and it's exactly how I picture them.

I loved James's nervousness on the date! It's completely understandable, especially since he'd liked Lily for so long before this and was worried about messing it up and everything going horribly (which, incidentally, it did...). The part when he was trying to stop himself from messing up his hair was so adorable! It's really sweet that he'd make the effort to stop that habit just because he knows it annoys her; it's only a little thing but it really shows how much Lily means to him.

And then poor James had to go and turn up late! None of the cool, collected greetings that he'd planned - I don't blame Lily for being annoyed, though! Especially since she'd finally agreed to give James a chance, and then he makes her wait around for ten minutes. Next there's the rain and then...

"a particularly flamboyant unicorn's happy place"

Do I need to say much more? This is actually exactly how I imagine Madam Puddifoot's, only you put it much better than I ever could have done :P And I'm really glad that neither James nor Lily liked it - I think a lot more highly of them for that!

I knew that things would keep getting worse as this went on, but I felt really sorry for James as all of his glorious plans just seemed to crumble into dust - of course he'd lose his wallet, and then break the present that Lily had to pay for herself! I actually wanted to give him a hug while all that was going on. I hope he paid her back for the snow globe though, and maybe even got another one - it was a lovely present, after all!

I'm really glad this ended all happily and fluffy because James and Lily ♥ They're so cute together and I'm pleased she could see how hard he'd tried and how much he'd wanted it to go well, even though the whole date was pretty much a disaster from start to... well, not quite finish. It worked out well in the end, and that last line gave me so many feels!

Perfect, Tanya!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Sian!!! Wow, what a monster of a review! ...Monster as in quantity, not quality! Unless it's a very kind and docile monster, in which case I suppos- you know what? I'm rambling. REVIEW! AMAZING! THANK YOU! *dies*

Yay! I'm so happy to hear it was conceptually appealing; we were excited to work with the idea and it's great when others like it as much as we did! And James/Lily, indeed! Love those two. ^.^

Dawww... *blushes* You's so nice. And sincerely thank you for saying that; I always work myself into a panic when I have to rush to write, and it's such a relief that all those hours of stress were worth it! ^.^

Woohoo! We worked really hard to keep them as in sync as possible; I'm so glad that it showed!

HA! Poor James, indeed. I was not very nice to him, was I?... And I just couldn't resist adding a little Remus and Sirius into the story! I love my boys. I'm glad you found them well-written and accurately portrayed! Yay!

Writing a nervous James was really fun, I have to tell you. I really wanted to give him a compulsion that would resurface throughout the story, and the hair thing just made sense! I'm glad so many people are enjoying the struggle he has! haha And yeah, James really is such a sweetheart and cares deeply for Lily; it was fun playing at that dynamic without trying to overdue it, because Singularity's story really focus' more on the gooey side of James! I wanted them to compliment each other without being the exact same. So hints of romantic James! Yay! ^.^

LOL Right? He's so sure he's going to be early and prepared, but nope! He's immediately thrown off his game. Muahaha! The rain doesn't help either.

Bahaha. It felt like an accurate metaphor. :-p Thank you! And I totally agree, I can't see either of them being into a place like that - just no.

I really ran with the whole Murphy's Law thing, didn't I? NO MERCY! ;) I'm glad you like the snow/season globe, though! It was definitely a group effort coming up with it! And I imagine that James would immediately try to pay her back, but Lily would stubbornly refuse... But who knows? :-p

Yay for happy endings! James and Lily are just my favorite and it was Valentine's day - they needed a happy ending. Yay feels!

Gah, this is such an incredible review, Sian! Thank you so much for taking the time to write it; I appreciate it so much! *hugs*

Tanya ^.^

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