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Review:Lululuna says:
Hello! :) So before I get reviewing I just wanted to say this is my 500th review, yay! :D I was trying to decide who to bestow it on (haha) and since you're so lovely and I hadn't gotten to the next chapter of Everto yet this was just perfect. So yay! :)

The CI is SO COOL! Wow. Mad skills.

You know... if Sev got eaten and killed by a vampire... would anybody REALLY mind? I mean, Grace could be with Remus and everyone would be happy. Except for Tonks, and the Everto gods, and probably it would be a little inconvenient for Dumbledore. But still... :P

I love how you wrote the action scenes. The vampires with their rows of teeth are terrifying and I love the attacking and killing scenes since you write them so flawlessly. It really shows how hardcore Grace is as well.

You have begun the transformation to what you claim to hunt. Okay, Death is really being a bit of a jerk right now. I mean, HE IS DEATH. He really shouldn't be talking, literally and in this situation. :P It's not fair to make Grace feel guilty especially when she does seem to mostly act in self defense and not necessarily like killing. I do love Death's creepy presence in her life, however, even if he makes me mad. Also, I really hope that shouldn't be taken literally in saying that Grace is turning into a vampire as that would cause some difficulties...

The Servator dynamic is just getting all the more interesting. I like how beyond being a team, they can heal and be there for one another. It reminds me a little of... hmm, therapy dogs? Don't tell Remus I said that. :P But it's very sweet, and I like how Grace is finally realizing how to define her relationship with Remus.

Most of all, she thought that maybe she shouldn't have begun the conversation with 'I love you'. Oh no, poor Remus. :( I do really like though how you summarized the breakup in this way instead of writing the full thing out. It was more powerful for it and really made me feel for Grace, since she does have a hard task in front of her. I also loved the whole paragraph talking about the hand book and how it causes her to be conflicted. Sad, but it had to happen.

Ah, I'm so curious about what went on with the vampire and escaping from Cruor Terra. I can't wait for the next chapter! :D

Amazing job as always, this was so brilliant! :) I can't wait to find out what is in store for Grace and the gang next!

Author's Response: First, happy 500th! Second, I'VE MISSED YOU AND YOUR STORIES! *Cries* I've been a busy Rumpel. Third, OMIGOSH YOU CHOSE ME AS YOUR 500th! You love me! :D Hahaha, okay, I'll stop shouting now.

Oh, it was my first animation! :D I was very proud of it.

Why is everybody trying to kill Severus? Rose broke up with me for like a day (you know, from our strange HPFF love affair) because Remus and Grace broke up. Aaand she wants to kill Sev. Poor guy gets the short end of the stick. Everybody's even for Peter at the moment! But not Severus -_-. I might have to change the MP and the opening chapter if I killed him off ;). Ahaha, okay, I'm done with my Severus rant.

I found out after the first trip to Cruor that I really love writing action! Action! Whoo! This scene was written to the song "Kung-Fu Fighting" :D. *Cough*

I'll let Death know that he's being a jerk. Haha, the communication with Death during a certain...erm...*state* (that's what I'll call it for now) will be important later on. Oh, no, it wasn't meant to be literal. Becoming a vamp in Cruor happens through a series of complex blood magic rituals in which the soul is entrapped in the body of a corrupt being. Er, kind of like the opposite of what a dementor does :D.

Hahaha, you so called Remus a therapy dog. I will tell neither Rose nor Remus about that... :D. I'm slowly revealing what it means to be Everto and Servator :D. *Cough* More of that later though!

Oh the break up (which you didn't yell at me about, yay)! My defining the line, it will push them away from where they were, and create a stronger, better friendship :D, which is where they are supposed to be and kissing and stuff.

Haha, I did a sort of mid-chapter cliffhanger! There was a lot going on in this chapter.

Thanks so much!! I'm working on the chapter, but changed my mind and started it again. I'll get there!


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