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Review:kenpo says:
I've just read the companion piece, and I'm so excited to read this. I know that they're contrasting, so... yeah. Just really excited.

Oooo. She's acting just like the Bellatrix we know and... love? Err... that phrase doesn't work very well here, does it?

I really am beginning to think that her poor husband has gone completely mad...

hate and love twinned and twined.
Love it!!!

The entire paragraph about her reflection is amazing. She's such a cool character, and you're writing her very very well. Impressively so.

The little line about the houseelf is such a good touch. Reinforces her distasteful personality.

Rudolphus was not gifted with a natural thirst for the rush of taking a life, but he could be tempted and provoked and guided in the right direction.

Oh my gosh. That's not only just a really really cool line, but it offers so much insight into both of their characters. Not only does Bellatrix pretty much say here that she's got a thirst for human life, but that she finds the same desire as ideal in a mate. And that she wants to change him to be a bad person. She's so twisted. I love it.
And him! He's willing to let her twist him all up.

Now, with my husband I felt a strange sense of dichotomous passions, the sense of both wanting to be held closely by him and wanting to destroy and throttle him, to feel his life and soul trickle out into the air, to see the dark eclipse eyes finally stop hiding the moon behind them. I could bite out his heart and hold it gently.

OHHH MY. WHAAAT?!?!!?!?!? WHO IS THIS PERSON!?!?!?? She's so disgusting. You're such a good writer, and she's such a messed up person. She needs years of intense therapy and she needs medication and she needs some serious help. Like ten years ago. Ughgghgh. This review is so redundant; I just keep saying how fantastic but awful it is (you're fantastic. She's awful.) And poor dude! He's totally devoted to his wife and she's over here thinking about ripping his heart out. He'd probably be okay with it though, because it's her, and she's the greatest thing ever. He probably could use some therapy, too.

The stench of death was a strange tranquilizer

SHE'S SO SICK. Ugh. She's disgusting. You write her phenomenally, though. I feel like I need to take a shower.

Ugh and then her obsession with Voldy. Any type of obsession like that isn't healthy, but HIM. Eugh. Really, that's all I can even say. EEEUUUGGGHHH. She's so demented. What happened to her?

I love the comparison between the sisters. And then the references are spot on. She thinks very highly of herself, doesn't she? Of course she does.


Author's Response: Hi kenpo! :D Wow, this review is just AMAZING!!! :D Thank you so much, I'm so glad you liked it!

Hehe, I feel like it would be so funny to go from Liz's story, which is really silly and fun, and then this story is just a total mood killer. :P We had a lot of fun planning and coordinating them.

We can totally still ... love... Bellatrix! Well, in her own way of course. :P

I know, poor Roddy. :( He's a little lovestruck and confused right now. Bella would be a hard wife to fuss over, I think.

I'm really glad you like how I wrote her! I was a little scared because she's so distinct in her craziness, so getting this positive feedback is so helpful. I'm glad she's coming across as distateful and snobbish, but also mad and self-obsessed.

I'm really happy you liked the line about Rudolphus not being a natural killer and how Bellatrix wants to train him to be evil! I felt it takes a certain kind of person to actually enjoy killing and she is definitely one of them. But yes, he's just as bad for tagging along with her! :P

Hahaha ahh I love reading your reactions to her creepiness! That part especially about the eating hearts I found particularly gruesome and couldn't resist throwing in there. :P She does, she does, she needs so much help and to be kept away from all people ever. Including away from Roddy, mainly for his sake. :P He's probably better off loving her from afar.

Giggling right now about your comment about feeling like you need to take a shower. :P I felt strangely okay with Bellatrix and her gross craziness by the end. Not sure what that says about me, but oh well... :P

Voldy is so awful, though I do think they sort of deserve one another. I have no idea why she's like this, though I feel that she probably got way worse after being in Azkaban for a while. I'm glad you liked the mention of her sister (I figured she wouldn't even waste her crazy thoughts on Andromeda) and how self-obsessed she is. This was less a romantic story about Roddy and Bellatrix, but more about how much she loves herself. :P

Thanks so much for the AMAZING review! :D I loved reading it and it really made me laugh but also be very pleased at your comments. So thank you! :)

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