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Review:MargaretLane says:
Hmm, I suspect Burke is his source of Polyjuice. Or maybe not, as I guess he was likely to have been the Young they saw in Knockturn Alley.

And a couple of lines later he confirms that.

And I am REALLY sorry for this guy. It seemed like everything went against him - losing his parents, being bitten, losing his chance at a Ministry career, ending up on the streets. It's...well, I was going to say his life is pretty much the worst thing I could imagine, but it's actually beyond it, because obviously lycanthropy isn't something I imagine. Having no family, no job and no access to social welfare and ending up on the streets always strikes me as about the worst thing imaginable and his life is even WORSE than that. Poor guy.

His age, the circumstances of his being bitten and its effect on his career have similarities with one of my characters, but their life is nowhere near as bad as his.

And I am wondering where he transformed. He wasn't in the Shrieking Shack at full moons, so where was he?

And *pokes them for charging for Wolfsbane* It doesn't surprise me, but the idea of people going without medical help because they can't afford it is so sad. And in this case, it's kind of stupid too, because they are putting other people at risk by leaving werewolves unmedicated. Considering the attitude to werewolves though, I can well imagine people objecting to "taxpayers' money" (if wizards pay taxes) being used on them.

I can see he has little choice, but he must realise what a risk he is taking by transforming in a forest, when that was how he was bitten.

*laughs at Young spending almost every evening in the Hog's Head* THAT could explain a lot.

*laughs at John's question* It honestly never occurred to me that Stuart could be the murderer. Who is, I still have no idea, though my suspicions of the librarian remain. That's just because she's new and kind of overshadowed by Burke and Young, though.

And I can't help laughing at Albus describing his question as "tactless".

I can understand why he ran. My immediate thought was that surely his hands would prove him innocent, but I am, or should be, well aware what prejudice can do. As a child, I followed the campaigns for the release of people like the Bermingham Six quite closely. I'm not from Northern Ireland (I've never even been there), but it was still close enough to freak me out a little. And the wizarding world certainly has similar cases. I've often wondered if the whole Sirius thing was inspired by those cases. Now, of course there was a fair amount of evidence against Sirius, but there was really none at all against Stan Shunpike and considering the lack of trial and so on, I suspect even if there had been proof of Sirius's innocence, it wouldn't have helped him. So Stuart has good reason to worry.

I was thinking he should go to Harry. Harry would be fair and might know what to do, even though he has limited power at the moment. It's a pity Dumbeldore isn't still around. I'm sure he'd come up with some unorthodox solution that would help everybody.

Author's Response: Yep, it's implied that Burke is the source of the polyjuice. Boone had everything going for him and then he didn't. He's a very tragic character and while their are parallels between his life and Matt's, I also created Boone to show how different a werewolf's life can be if they have support. Matt has the best possible circumstances for a young werewolf (with the exception of Wolfsbane not being effective).

Boone transforms in the forest, far away from Hogsmeade in order to not endanger other people. He didn't realize that the Shack was safeguarded against werewolf escapes.

Boone's lack of being able to afford Wolfsbane was a bit of a commentary on the American healthcare system. From what I understand, that sort of thing doesn't happen in the UK. But, it would really hinder the plot of the wizarding world followed that philosophy. They're kind of behind the times anyway.

Haha, Young's spending every night at the pub does explain a lot! Certainly makes him an easy target for identity theft, too.

I assumed everyone would assume Boone was the killer. I thought it'd be obvious, which is part of the reason why I didn't want it to be the case.

I've never heard of that case. I'll have to look it up. But I bet it inspired Sirius's story if they're that similar.

Yep, Harry's power is very limited, which is part of the problem. Oh, yeah, Dumbledore would've figured something out. Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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