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Review:PitchBlue says:
OMFG CHAOS WHAT IS THIS I CAN'T *bangs head against wall*

alright glad that's out of the way.

oh my god Carly, where to begin? this chapter has been such an emotional rollercoaster. First, the cute conversation between Marianne and her sisters (I didn't know she had two, time to reread some chapters!) about Star Wars (yes, Leia and Han should be together). Then creepy mcCreeper Rastaban appears with his evil plan and Marianne has to deal with it (my poor baby!). I really loved her last line, it's totally badass and fits with her Pureblood attitude that comes up every now and then.

And then Lily, you stubborn thing. It's just so like her to think she knows better than Sirius what James needs. I love that you refer to that trait of her every now and then, it really adds to her character. Also the reference to his birthday was amazing, and it really shows Lily's need to be the hero/caregiver (I mean, she's not always like that but you know what I'm trying to say, right?)

AERYN AND CORA OMG IT FINALLY HAPPENED. One of the things I love the most about this story is the evolution of Aeryn's character. It's sooo realisti c and well done! And it's intertwined with Peter's story as well, it all just fits perfectly. I also like how Aeryn is a fully developed female character without needing to be 'strong' or bold. I'd go on and ramble about it but my review might get too long then :P Just know that I reallly like her character.

I actually laughed out loud at some lines in Gemma's part (the 'noodle' thing omfg I'm dying of laughter!). But the rest of this part was so intense. I mean her vision becomes true and she gets ambuished and forced to drink the potion AND SHE ACTUALLY SEES THE HORCRUXES!! Omg where is this going how will it turn out??!

Hahaha I just realised I forgot to answer any of your questions xD But no worries, I'll answer them privately or something.

Amazing writing, Carly. But seriously you can't keep writing chapters like these and expect me to just get on with my life.


I know, I know, I shouldn't have tortured you guys like that. But like I said in the chapter, I'm in the process of wrapping things up here ... so I thought, well if 2 out of the 3 plot lines are going to have roadblocks, why not just go for it and make it 4 out of 4? So yeah, a lot to handle, but there's a reason for it XD

Marianne's POV was the most challenging one for me. Originally I had her in a more forced marriage type situation, but since that's against HPFF rules, I went back and edited it to give her a choice in the matter. The change is actually going to play out pretty nicely in the long run so I'm excited to get her subplot going. And yes, she has two sisters - I wanted to highlight Nanette for a reason, but that initial plot isn't going to work out. So that's why you think she only has one ;)

As for Lily and James ... even though they are the golden couple, they had to have fought every once and awhile, right? Plus, as you mentioned, caring too much can become a fault rather than a virtue. They will eventually have a conversation (James' POV is the next chapter) and hash things out, but like I said, I wanted to show a Jily fight scene.

OMG YEAH, IT DID. Wow, this subplot has morphed so much, it's not even funny - and I mean that in a good way, because you helped a lot! So yeah, since this is Aeryn's last POV, I thought I should lay the groundwork for what happens in final group chapter (OMG IT'S GONNA BE SO GOOD).

I thought Gemma's POV was going to be the most difficult, because as you pointed out, she connects to canon by seeing the Horcruxes. Her original plot was supposed to bleed into the sequels, so I know all the dream events are happening rather quickly, but oh well. It's gotta happen! And funny you should bring up the noodle thing because that was actually a personal quote from when I was ... shall we say, "mentally impaired" XD

Don't worry, things are about to get better. This chapter was a necessary evil.

Thanks for your review love, you know your reviews mean the world to me ;)

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