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Review:patronus_charm says:
Ah, I have so many things of yours to catch up on and one night to do it in so letís get ready for a review bombing session!

Yay trouble in paradise for Sebastian and Verity. Ok, a little mean as obviously it makes Verity very M rated word off with him, but yeah, that can be forgotten about once she finds George and they realise theyíre made for one another :P He was just so ew and aggravating in the beginning of this chapter with the smoking and being mean to Midas, and just have that general Iím so cool look at me attitude. And yeah, he made me really angry. :P

I really liked how Penelope made that link for Verity to find him and it just makes me wish I could have seen her alive because she sounds so cool with the underground work and secret clues, like the perfect best friend for Verity really. Hmm, what to make of Christian though? At first I was just like I want to see more of him as the whole Penelope leading her to him was really cool, but now I have a feeling there might be something more to him with the nonchalant air when talking about the society (or it could be a test, I havenít finished reading the chapter yet!). Either the way the mystery surrounding him is great!

Drey was great! The perfect sort of character really as she was just so real and lovely and I wanted to see more of her. At first I thought she might be Tonks with the whole wotcher thing, but in a way her really cool characterisation made up for it as she was similar to Tonks with her liveliness. I think it was just the mix of things in her personality with the compassion by leaving school to look after her mother, and then the madness with the way she left the bank for the pub. Sheís just exuberant, and a fantastic character to study as there are so many layers to her!

Ahahahahah, Fred and George were perfect and then he took her on guard duty and was just going to die because their banter was perfect and they were just getting along so well. Then the way they nearly kissed. I was just like awefdowejf, seriously, I did not know how to cope. Then the ending Ė so dramatic! I really canít think her favourite Auror could be but I have a feeling you might have hinted to us beforehand, so I will have to wrack my brains!

Such a fantastic chapter :D


Author's Response: Hi Kiana! :D First of all, you are so awesome for review bombing me. I remember signing in on that day and being so excited to see all the reviews, and really meant to reply before then but essays got in the way. They always do. :(

Anyway, thank you! :) I'm so excited to be writing this story again and getting this feedback is really lovely and helpful.

Hehe, Verity and Sebastian aren't very good at not having trouble, even if it's just minor passive aggressive trouble. Verity is sensitive and Sebastian is tired of tiptoeing around her, and so these types of scenes ensue. :P I'm glad you're leaning towards team George however! Ugh, it made me angry writing about it as well, I'm glad that irritation came across!

Aw, Penelope is so sneaky! I really love writing her mystery and I'm excited to really get into it soon in upcoming chapters. There will definitely be more flashbacks to Penny at Hogwarts as well. :) Hmm, good idea to be suspicious about Christian. There's definitely more to him than meets the eye, and he's a lot of fun to write in all his sneakiness and vague answers.

Yay, I'm so glad you like Drey! :) She and Gemma are just so funny to write. She is rather Tonks-ish now that I think of it! I'm excited for the readers to see more of her as well as she does have a specific role to play in the story. :)

Hehe, I'm really happy you like the twins. :P They're so nerve-wracking to write but I do love them so. Ahh, I know! Verity's favourite Auror is a bit of a sarcastic statement on her part, if that gives you any clues. Although the Auror is a favourite of mine because he's quite clueless.

Thanks for the brilliant review, Kiana! :D I really loved it, and getting your feedback is so encouraging in getting the next chapter finished and posted! ♥

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