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Review:Pat. says:
Okay. So I wish you weren't finishing this story, it's my favorite Marauders era fic of all time. But I understand, you don't have the time to write another tale has detailed, riveting and all around awesome stories. I thank you for your dedication to us as readers. I have really enjoyed reading this series and I will reread until I know it back to front. It was so good, and your knowledge of 70's music surpassed mine, which is rare. Not to brag. I'm not that great as far as 70's music goes, just Marley and Zep and some other, random stuff. I'll stop rambling, sorry.

Favorite character. Gemma, why? She's so cool. She's just a free spirit and she does her own thing and doesn't give a f**k what people think. She's the type of girl I'd fall hopelessly in love with and watch them run away, because they can't be tamed.I hope to hell that she and Sirius make up, but I can't see that happening. Speaking of Sirius, he's also a bit of a favorite, he's the kind of guy I would love to hang out with. I suppose that's why I love this story, you make the characters so real, and sometimes they remind me of myself or my friends.

I guess, I just want some sort of resolution, which I guess we'll get, just a suggestion, maybe if you have the time you could do one shots every now and again just about what characters are up to when you finish this? Just a suggestion, you're the author, you do what you want man.

Another thing, I know long review, look at it as making up for me not reviewing as much as I should of have. I first read this chapter on FFnet. I enjoy how you wrote Marianne and Rabastan relationship in this version then it the FF. Also, not sure if I spelt Rabasatan right, and I think I wrote it wrong twice. EH.

In all, thank you very much for this story, I've been reading it since last March and you keep me hooked with your visceral, fascinating, REAL style of writing. You rock, oldnumberseven! Have a lovely week, month and life I suppose.


Hello again, Pat! Nice to hear from you! XD

Man, I really wish I could continue writing this story. Like, REALLY wish. But sadly, I don't think I'll have time to finish another series, because this fic was an accident. I say that because I've never actually finished a fic before and this is my third one (Bleh, you don't even want to read the first one, but the second one is decent, if I do say so myself). So I never planned for Wide Awake to be this long ... but these last couple chapters inspired the whole thing, so I raced through the first ones to get to this point now. Funny, considering it's a year later!

But I think the reason I've stuck with it is because this story is basically based on my life. Gemma is probably the closest character to my personality, but Marianne is also my logical/academic side and Aeryn is my weak side. The girls' interactions with the Marauders are also based on real people - for instance, Remus is based my high school boyfriend and Sirius and Peter are both based on my college ex. James and Lily? I have no idea where they come from but I'd like to think they are what my next relationship will be like!

So that's probably why you find them to be so realistic and relatable/like you and your friends. Now, that's not to say that I didn't add some extra dramatic elements to the story (i.e. Marianne having to choose her husband), but there are several scenes in this fic that are basically verbatim of what happened to me. Oh, and speaking of Marianne, I posted my original plan for this chapter on FF, but it did not pass validation here because a forced marriage is against the rules. So you're not going crazy - there are two different versions. I'm going to go back and edit the FF one to match this one any day now (as well as going back and fixing grammar mistakes), I've just been lazy ;)

I'm seriously considering your one shot idea, although I've been messing around with a collection of one-shots/pensive like epilogue to sort of fill in the gaps between the Marauders and Harry. Dunno tho, that part is still in the planning stages. The last chapter + the epilogue will definitely give you some resolution, because I think I wrapped up things pretty well in terms of the plot/where I eventually wanted to go with things.

So in conclusion, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for all your reviews - and I especially want to say thank you for recognizing my music taste! I heart the sounds that came out of the 60s/70s :D

You rock, Pat. You truly do!

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