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Review:UnluckyStar57 says:
Mrs. Vanderpool is clearly a Tedromeda shipper.

Just kidding, that isn't the way that I should start this review. Here's the real beginning:


Okay, now let's be rational.

So, about Mrs. Vanderpool: She made me laugh because I didn't think that there could be a bigger shipper of Tedromeda than yours truly, but she just met Andromeda and she's already come to the logical conclusion that she's Ted's girl. That means it's meant to be, right? Right.

George is a totally interesting character. Like, whoa! Where did he come from?! I didn't expect him to be rich, but it's cool that he is. It shows that not every Hogwarts kid whose family has some money is a total scumbag (Draco Malfoy, I'm looking at you!). The idea that he plants in Andie's mind, though... That's something else!! Before, the feelings are totally there, but Andie can't see them. Then George comes along in his total blunt way and ruins the facade. And now she's seeing things, even if they aren't there (but they totally are, so that's beside the point).

And then drunk!George is so much different from angry!George. He's so... Childish, almost, and when he's sober, he's all tough. We know your secret, George! You're actually a teddy bear!

But he goes to sleep, and then all the important stuff happens. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG! Andie's having all those thoughts and reevaluating the way that Ted's looking at her, and she's saying really awkward things, hahaha. But THEN THE DOOR AND THE WAIST THING AND THEN THE KISS THAT WAS SO BRILLIANT I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW MARVELOUSLY WRITTEN THAT WAS. The way you wrote it, I thought that Ted was about to go in for the smooch, but nope! It was another misinterpreted move. So Andie goes in for the kiss and... nope, foiled again! When I read that, I actually squealed and my roommate was like, "Wut?" Hahaha.

That kissing scene, though. WOWZA. I don't normally like to read kissing scenes because it's like, oh yes, thank you for detailing every single detail and ooh look, the fires of love are burning hot in the cauldron tonight. But this was a kissing scene worth waiting for. I love this line: "She hadn't known that she could literally ache for a touch, to feel a dull burn inside that she was certain only one person could cure." It totally describes what she's feeling for Ted even though she didn't realize it for a very, very long time. And just everything about that scene...

On a separate note, I'm really glad that they didn't do any more than snogging. That's too much, too soon, and this scene already gives A LOT. I think that anything further would've been implausible and positively silly. The dead body on the tracks that stopped the Tedromeda train from barreling down the line was, most obviously, Andie's mention of how she didn't expect that kissing a Muggleborn would be so fantastic. One stray comment, made in passing, can totally ruin things, as I well know. If you say something mean to someone enough times, eventually they'll internalize it, and then EVERYTHING becomes a mess. You speak of something unrelated, and suddenly, you're in the doghouse because what you said could imply an insult. Well, Andie's transgression was a lot more than an implication, proof that she's still got a long way to go before she can completely erase all of those prejudices from her mind. And because she messed up so many times before, Ted has internalized those insults, so he jumps at even the slightest of slights (even if it wasn't exactly meant as a slight). Oh dear... What a mess. I can only hope that Ted will give Andie as many chances as I've gotten in my lifetime. Because second chances should never be taken lightly, no matter how many you've been given.

Brilliant, frustrating, marvelous, fantastic chapter! I hope that you can update soon! :)


Author's Response: Well. I just wanna hug this review to death. NICE, FLUFFY, HAPPY REVIEW.

Mrs. V is totes a Tedromeda shipper. Maybe not for all the right reasons, but she most certainly does think they'd make beautiful babies. And that's all that matters, amiright?

I'm not gonna lie, I've really loved writing George, the little rascal. -pinches cheeks- I like to think he's good for Ted. And vice versa. Especially vice versa. AND SHH, OMG. You can't just go around letting slip that he's a teddy bear. Gosh. He's got a reputation to uphold, gurrrl. -.-

Haha, I'm glad the kissy face passed muster. It's a thin line to walk sometimes, you know? To capture what should be captured before it gets all mushy and PDA and, like, ew, why do I even care, you stupid kissy faces, stop. So it means a BUNCH that you considered it a scene worth waiting for. Hearts, hearts, hearts.

Yes. It's always distressing to throw an obstacle in the way of young lurve, but so help me, if there hadn't been one... Just no. These two young pups need to get their bleep together. Clearly.

And you speak wise words. Second chances should never, ever be taken lightly, and they're always a gift. Which is something that Andromeda will learn I think. If not now, then EVENTUALLY.

And YES. A snow day here will most likely result in some mad writing here. >:] So, I'd say expect an update soon!

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