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Review:Lululuna says:
Hello! :)

DOBBY! I love how you've kept so many of my favourite characters alive. You wrote him really well too, with his willingness to please and devotion to Harry. But of course Devlin would find him irritating and out of control.

I like how Devlin highlighted the differences between himself and Voldemort with reference to Muggles. It was a really unique distinction: how Devlin is curious while Voldemort has no use for such things. I like the idea of Devlin being disdainful, but not destructive in the way same as his grandfather. The link between him and Harry both not liking crowds and the inevitable fame was so interesting as well! I like seeing Harry's grownup perspective on the things he found so irritating as a child.

He fingered his wand and tried to convince himself that playing good had been just that - a ploy to get Potter's confidence so he could get his wand back. He hadn't really been seeking Potter's trust. He hadn't. I like how Devlin seems to be convincing himself of something here, denying the idea that he's settling in and starting to warm up to Potter, even if he would never be able to admit it. It's fascinating to see his growth through each chapter, and how as more and more is revealed about Devlin's past, more and more is shown about his character and his thought process and the things he is influenced by. I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but the way you write Devlin in third person is so personal and believable, I really feel like I'm inside his head which is both brilliant and a little terrifying because, well, he's Devlin. :P

Aw, I like how Devlin was the one to help David out, even if he didn't really mean to. It's interesting how he has insight into Muggles as well - he's so uncanny and knowledgable for a kid. Also, I totally mis-read Emma as being afraid of Hagrid before: it makes way more sense that she would adore him! Silly me, who couldn't love Hagrid. :P Well, Devlin, I suppose, but he doesn't really adore anybody except Emma.

I might be totally off with this, but I'm really starting to suspect that Devlin might have killed somebody. Maybe Voldemort forced him to in exchange for a promise that he wouldn't go after Emma? Hmm. That would be so horrific, but would fit very well with Devlin's feelings of Potter not knowing the whole truth about what he's done, and Devlin's hints about the lengths he's gone to in order to protect Emma.

Oh! Since they did find Devlin's battered body... or thought they did... what if that memory of a little girl being tortured was killed by Devlin, and Voldemort changed her appearance to make her look like Devlin and sent her to the Ministry?? That's my crazy theory for now, anyway. :)

I'm so curious about what is going through Devlin's head and how knowing they honestly thought he had died might change his bitterness and resentment about the past. Devlin seems like a boy who takes words very seriously - for example, there's a definitive difference between "thought" and "knew - and so I imagine that each changing idea carries a particular nuance.

So excited to keep reading - this was brilliant, as usual! :D

Author's Response: I'm glad Dobby came off as. well Dobbyish. LOL

You brought up some really good points that I wanted to reply to. So don't mind me jumping ahead a bit. :)

Re; helping David out. It's interesting he knows what a cop is, right? You should keep this fact in mind for later on. He hasn't really expressed an understand of anything else muggle related, after all.

Re: Devlin killing someone. You actually have a really really good guess here. The idea that the girl is actually buried as Devlin is almost spot on. Almost.

I can't wait for you to get further along. :)

Thanks for the awesome review!!

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