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Review:teh tarik says:
Helloo Jenna, I'm here to review your challenge entry! Thank you so much for participating. :D

And oh my goodness, what an exciting start to your story! I wasn't expecting something like this, certainly not an afterlife fic, which is pretty much one of my favourite things to read and explore in HP fic. Ooh, there are so many mysterious parts to your story, so many lovely touches and details! Bathilda's afterlife situation is really interesting. I love that she still has her cottage, or some version of her comfortable Godric's Hollow cottage with her (at least I assume it's a kind of warped version of the cottage she lived in when alive...). It does feel like she's in some kind of Limbo, rather than heaven or hell, and that perhaps she has to do something, "be good" before she can move on? I'm not sure, but I really do love theorising on all the possibilities! I'd guess that it has something to do with her writing what happened between her and Muriel all those years ago.

Speaking of Muriel, I absolutely love how you've brought her to life here. She was such a zany, sharp-tongued and not altogether pleasant character in the books, but definitely a very memorable one. And I love your interpretation of a young Muriel with her headstrong and liberal attitude and her sly smile and her boldness...I understand very well how Bathilda is attracted to her.

You've really conveyed the historical setting of the fic so amazingly well. I love how detailed your descriptions are, how convincing and vivid the 1904 scene was with the dresses, the manners, the dancing, and how you wove in details of the magical world (floating trays and goblin-wrought candlesticks and the wizarding families etc.). It just made everything fit wonderfully into the Potterverse.

The Moon Maiden tapestry was incredibly intriguing. I wonder if we'll learn more about it, if there's a story or a myth behind it. I love how the girls find some moments of freedom and peace behind the tapestry; it feels like a guardian of some sort, that Maiden. Another thing I loved about the kiss scene was how free and relaxed and comfortable the girls are - such lovely contrast to the careful smiles and constructed facades and mechanical steps of the more socially acceptable couples outside. You've really written Muriel and Bathilda's relationship so beautifully!

Ooh, the mysterious stranger is really mysterious. I love that indefinite shapeshifting aspect about her, and I can't wait to read on to find out. She's such an unsettling figure; that description of her smelling like 'burning meat' sent a shiver up my spine. And the cottage windows, which are another intriguing part of the story. I imagine that parts of Bathilda and Muriel's story are going to be revealed through each window, and I suppose that eventually Bathilda will have to turn to that feared west window and look through it. I'm a little afraid of what she might see! :P

Absolutely fantastic start, my dear! ♥ This is such a wonderful start and just a pleasure to read; I can't wait for you to update! And thank you once again for participating in my challenge. ♥


Author's Response: Hi teh! :) Thank YOU for the awesome challenge idea and for this lovely review! I meant to respond way earlier - evil essays got in the way. :P

I'm so thrilled you like it so far! :) I had a lot of fun coming up with this, and it's wonderful to hear you like it as an afterlife fic. I felt that since the main things we know about Bathilda from the books were her books and her very tragic ending, it was important to tie that in as it would be quite important for her afterlife self. Ah, it is a warped sort of replica of her home, and rather odd at that. I love knowing that you're wondering and theorizing about it, and finding the story mysterious - I couldn't imagine Limbo being anything other than ambiguous and uncertain. :)

Ah, Muriel! I just re-read DH and thought she was so hilarious, and imagined as a young woman she would be quite headstrong and rather gossipy to grow up into the brilliant character from the books. I really liked writing her through Bathilda's eyes and the strange sense of wonder and uncertainty she feels.

Thank you for the comments about the historical setting, that means so much! :) I do love writing these history fics so much. I'm glad it fit into the Potterverse as well.

There's definitely a little more behind the tapestry's story. :) She is a little like a guardian, though of what exactly is still to be revealed. Ah, I'm so pleased you picked up on the contrasts between the relationships beyond and behind the tapestry, and how free and happy Muriel and Bathilda are when they are alone. You're so perceptive! :)

She is very unsettling, and I'm so pleased you liked the descriptions. I've been toying with a character like her for a while and was glad to find a place to put her - she was originally a man, but changing her into a girl really helped me shape the story's message and symbolism. Ooh, yes, the west window will be quite a surprise. I'm excited for when it is revealed! :D

Thanks so much for the beautiful review, lovely! ♥ It was a real pleasure to receive and I'm excited for you to read the next chapter - it should be posted in the next couple of days. Thank you! :D

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