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Review:Pixileanin says:
I love the little asides you are throwing in about Verity and her Chinese antics. Though I must say, after meeting Granny Lucy, I'm more than a little afraid of Verity's mother. And poor Draco hasn't learned a decent potion from all his years with Snape? Who's been cooking up his potions at Hogwarts, I wonder? Hmm...

The way you describe everyone doing their potions as Audrey walks down the hall was great. Of course it's exciting work! Explosions! Singed eyebrows! Who wouldn't want a field where you can come home smelling like something disgustingly different every night? Haha!

Oh, and the head turning with this James fellow, well, isn't that interesting? I suppose that Audrey hasn't completely sworn off the dating game. James Pewter! Excellent name!

"I smirk at him (Draco does it a lot, it's rubbing off on me)." Another brilliantly placed line! Audrey seems to allow a lot of things to rub off on her. She's just absorbing her environment. They way she carries on about her friends and their glamorous jobs, you'd think she wasn't content with her Potioneer job. Or maybe she's just in that "grass is greener" phase, where everyone else's positions look better than hers. Don't worry, Audrey, you're a great Potioneer. You know, she reminds me a bit of that girl in that movie... which one is it?? Ahh, I can't remember. Maybe by next review it will come to me.

Ah, and Audrey begins the countdown of getting ready. I mentioned it in the last chapter, I think, but I really enjoy this about her. There's something persnickety and orderly about it, and it reminds me of Percy a bit. I can see how you've crafted her to get on with him, as soon as he loses his big head, that is. Which is a long time coming, I assume, because he's stubborn, I suppose...

I think I've been to those kinds of parties, the kind where people come for the free stuff and all. :) It's not 'really' stealing, haha! But I understand where Audrey is coming from. You feel kind of bad for taking stuff, and you don't want everyone else to know how much you took, just it case it makes you look like you came only for the stuff, which you did... fun scene!

There he goes again, completely blowing her off like she's nothing. I hate it, until Oliver starts talking. Yes, keep talking, Oliver. You're turning this around quite nicely.

OK, I remember now. That girl, Bridget Jones. That's who she reminds me of. :)

Still having fun with your story!

Author's Response: Hi Pix, it's great to see you back again :D

Haha, I'm glad that you're interested in Verity as writing all the eccentricities in her life is so much fun! Yes, I think Draco probably learnt a bit from Snape in the first few years but after that he just got bogged down by everything and forgot to pay attention...

I know, it's making me wish that I had an aptitude for science because being able to work in such an exciting place as that would be so much fun and there would never be a boring moment around!

Hehe, yeah, I called him James and then remembered the other two James so why not put a spin on the surname and just roll with it?

I'm really glad that you picked up on that aspect of Audrey's character because I think you're the only person to have done so so far but that's why I love writing her because she just seems to notice everything. I think with Audrey she always secretly suffers with putting herself down without quite realising it so it's shown through that.

Haha, that section was a little too fun to write because the structure was just so different it was almost liberating to mix it up a little. Yes, it does take a while but one thing should be noted that with Audrey's stubbornness that may get in the way as well.

I know what you mean, I had to go to this conference thing for school and lots of the chocolates had disappeared by the end of it it! I'm glad you enjoyed the party scene even if Percy annoyed you, he does have a habit of doing that again and again! Haha, Oliver will certainly feature a lot more so don't worry about it!

Yes, Bridget Jones did act as inspiration for Audrey so that's probably why you can see the links ;)

Thanks for such a fabulous review, Pix, it really made my day!


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