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Review:water_lily43175 says:
Oh, yes. The Chekhov's gun comes into play. Rose is going to use her newfound Legilimency skills. Or, at least, TRY to use them. If Paquet is good at Occlumency, that might prove difficult. I wonder how that makes the other four feel, knowing that Rose has the ability to probe their every thought? HMM.

I like Albus being the voice of reason here. I can't help but wonder if it's because of what happened with Downing; Al lost his composure, and he doesn't want to see him or anyone else do that here. They definitely need someone to keep them in check though; this is the kind of situation in which people can get carried away if they're not careful.

Matt really seems to be fitting into the group now and finding his feet, which is nice to see. I really don't like seeing him being unsure and uncomfortable. Also it's nice that SCORPIUS, of all people, is the one who points out that they can't claim to have more right to fight Thane than Matt does.

And oh, BOYS. For about three lines of dialogue they were getting on and I was SO HAPPY, and then it all went wrong. They're both equally to blame here. I would say Matt's more to blame for raising the topic when he must have known it wasn't a good thing to do, but if he really did just have Rose's interests at heart, it's hard to criticise him for saying something, just for being tactless with it. But they both said stupid things AFTER Matt mentioned Rose. This was never going to be a good conversation, EVER.

It must be difficult, for Albus to try to organise Scorpius. If he doesn't have an important job he's upset, but if he does then he moans that it's hard. I know this is his insecure side talking, and I feel for him, but for anyone with less tact and patience than Al, not to mention understanding what Scorp is like underneath the front, it could be a bit irritating.

I love Rose's motive for fighting Thane. For a start I like that there's somebody there who quite possibly WOULDN'T be all that fussed if they personally weren't hunting down Thane. It's nice to have someone there who's doing it out of loyalty to friends rather than some sort of compulsive need for revenge or justice. And I like that it's Rose, too. I'm not really sure WHY, but I do. Insightful thought for you there.

And I'm intrigued at what it is that's bothering Selena. Looking forward to the girlie talk, I do love those.

Well, their plan wasn't going to work without a hitch, was it? They never do. Least this one wasn't a large hitch, and they got their woman anyway. Here's hoping Rose's Legilimency is up to scratch.

And, also, that the Scorose issue is resolved soon. Because that's some serious tension to have hanging around...

Author's Response: And I get to fire the Chekhov's Gun next chapter! The others aren't yet worried about Rose probing their brains for information. YET.

Albus is absolutely being the voice of reason because of Downing. He jumped into the abduction scenario without thinking it through once and refuses to do it again. He's mollified a bit by the prospect of Legilimency, simply because it's a plan, and is trusting his own tactical sense to make him BETTER at the fight than their complacency against Downing... which almost got Rose killed. And that experience has made him absolutely certain he wants to be the group's moral compass.

Scorpius can be reasonable. He's a bit past appropriating other people's pain after Selena called him on it re: Methuselah, and he's not enough of a jerk to want to imply Matt doesn't have a right to be there. And then - yeah. Matt didn't go about this situation ideally, though he really DID want to try to help out Rose. And then he managed to give Scorpius completely the wrong idea and those boys positively MAUL one another in this conversation.

Albus had a tough spot with Scorp. As you identify properly. He's decided to go with kicking him in the rear and setting high expectations and, well, Scorpius complains but it pays off.

I think it's nice that Rose is here for loyalty and friends because it's a pretty huge sign of her growth as a character. Think of the Rose from early Ignite - okay, so danger and death have been tabled, which change a lot, but her self-absorbed blinkers have come off and this has MASSIVELY increased her empathy and compassion. She's now with people she loves who respect her, she's realised she doesn't have to be the loudest and most right voice on matters, and so she's actually happy to play Support to the people she cares about in the worst of times. That's growth.

Girlie talk next chapter, I promise.

Plans can't go without a hitch, that's boring. ;) So I thought it was time to actively demonstrate how the guys are so much better than they used to be. They could never have pulled this off in Ignite.

Scorose will take... some time. Legilimency next! Thanks for reviewing!

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