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Review:GinnyPotterForever says:

You mad genius.

Weeks of worrying for this? To be fair, at first I thought it might have been a test, when the 'leader' said "this is all for Black". But then you sort of confused me. ;)

Sirius was hiding in Umbridge's office... hilarious, that. I wonder if she'll find out.
And that was mean, when Kreacher didn't come. I thought of that too - how Noddy had been killed so they couldn't find James. I like the idea of Harry giving him counter-orders, though ;)
I didn't know Patronuses could respond like that, but that was very clever.

"It's nothing you haven't seen before." That line is beautiful, it shouts out to "You've woken up next to me enough times to tell the difference" from 'Marlene's Revenge'. Loved it :)

And then the big reveal.
I did scream out 'What the bloody hell?', making my brother incredibly suspicious of me for the rest of the evening. It gave me an opportunity to try to get him to read your stories - again - but he stays away from any and all fanfics.
I think I mentioned Scrimgeour in one of the earlier reviews.The fact that they do this to all their trainees is scary. Yikes.
And no one's dead! Yay!
So, the arena isn't enough of a test for them? They have to totally scare everyone out of their wits???
I knew Remus wouldn't betray Sirius! He just couldn't, not after so many years! :D *over the moon*

How involved was Harry? Did he know from the start, or did he find out early that morning, after Sirius and Dora left?
Dora turning up as an injured and almost dead Sirius is just awesomeness!

And Sirius is finally an Auror! Although, he's gonna have to toe the line from now on. And he can probably find out more about Horcruxes, maybe?

I just realized something. Pettigrew is in Azkaban, so he doesn't go to find Voldemort, and Goblet of Fire doesn't happen! :D

I did read your response to another review - you're finishing this story? That's a little sad... I'll miss it. Do you have any plots figured out for the next?

And I don't know if you've heard. JKR has stated that she wishes she put Harry and Hermione together. I, for one, like the couples as they are (even the Queen can't change the law once it's out :S). I know this won't affect your future plans for Harry and his friends, maybe you could give us a hint? ;)

Author's Response: Haha, I'm sorry! :P That was the intention; drop enough hints that you'd suspect it was a test, but then try to destroy that as a possibility by making it seem unlikely. :P
She'll find out... :S
I know, but I had to cover that, otherwise everyone would have been asking why Sirius didn't just ask for Kreacher to get him out... house elves are sometimes so convenient, they're inconvenient. :P

Snape's did, when it led Harry to the sword; Marlene couldn't see Sirius, but it was the same thing. :)

Haha, yes, I can't resist throwing the little reminders in here and there. :P

Haha, that's fair; fanfic's not for everybody. :P I'm glad you liked the resolution though. :P
It's terrifying; they sort of mean well, in that they want everyone to advance, but the way they went about the whole ordeal is horrible. :S I doubt all of the trainees took it as well as Sirius and Tonks seemed to. Marlene for one, will be furious. :S

No, Remus didn't. He lied to him, certainly, but it wasn't as if Sirius didn't know that; he just didn't know what Remus refused to tell him. :P And it was for a good cause. :P

Harry knew for as long as Remus did - there was a part in one of the chapters about Remus talking to Harry and him settling after that. Harry wouldn't have liked keeping it a secret, but he understood it was necessary. :)
Haha, yes, it was a bit of payback. :P

He is! Haha, yes, he'll have to be well behaved, at least for now. :P

Interesting idea... I'm sure I'll come up with something though, haha. :P

I am. :P It is sad, but it's been a very long story, and I think it's time to wrap it up and move onto Hogwarts. :) I have a LOT planned for the next one, so my updating schedule probably won't be interrupted at all; I'll just be updating a different story. :P

I have heard. Obviously Harry and Hermione were compatible (they'd never have managed to be such good friends, otherwise) but I think they were always too platonic to end up together; there weren't even flirtatious hints. :P I agree with you; I rather like the canon couples as they were. :)
Hmmm, I have decided on the pairings, even though the kids are only young (hopefully, I can set it up properly, since I've got so much time to do so) but I will say that one couple featuring reasonably major characters (or characters that will be major in this story) will be the same as in canon... as for the others, well, you'll have to wait and see. :P

Thank you so much for the review!

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