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Review:SilverDarkHorse says:

Auror Sirius Black - Three cheers!!! :D :D

When I saw the heading "Fallen Soldier" my heart leapt into my mouth :O

When I came to the end of the chapter, I ran through the house screaming - my parents now think they have a crazy hoyden for a daughter. I've been on tenterhooks this entire week waiting for this chapter!

I am incredibly happy that I trusted Remus - you know, it being a "test" after all, so he musn't help Padfoot to cheat :P

Sirius and Marlene hugged - yesyeysyesyes!!! Things are moving on. I am extremely interested in Harry's reactions to what may be yet to come.

So Florence is alive? Great! Scrimgeour is pure brilliance.

I vaguely remember wondering in a review if this was not some elaborate plot to make Sirius an Auror, then dismissing it as too farfetched. Grrr. Does this mean I am a good detective, anyhow? :D

And the bit of maraudering at the end was a lovely characteristic way to finish off the chapter.

So Moody took Polyjuice, it was not an imposter :P You deserve a medal for pure genius! How long did it take you to work out the finer details of the plot?

Luckily for me it is the summer holidays, so I can afford to spend a rather large amount of time Mooning about this story. I don't know what I'll do when I fly back to Adelaide for uni in March!

This was definitely one of the best chapters you have ever written! Hope to see many, many more (even better) plotlines from you!

On a different note, how much more is left of this story? When Harry goes to Hogwarts, will the onus shift away from the two Marauders a bit more? I hope not - they are my favourites, much more so than even Harry. Do you plan a sequel? I hope you do - I could read your stories for an eternity.

Also, are you on Ao3 - Archive of our Own? If you are not, would you consider putting your stories up there as well? They have some very good quality fics; all your stories would make fine additions to that collection.

And finally, thank you for your replies to our reviews. It was wonderful to hear back, and to know you take time to read them all.

Looking forward to the next update, and maybe some Padfoot-Moony-Harry or Marlene/Sirius and Remus/Dora? :D

Author's Response: Firstly, wow, what an incredibly long review! :) I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter. :)

Haha, yes, he's done well. :P

It was a cruel chapter, but if I'd named it "Auror Black" it would have given things away. :P So I went with the ominous one, thinking it could refer to Marlene's 'death' or Tonks pretending to be Sirius at the end. :P

Hahaha, sorry to keep you waiting. :P

Yes - good instincts to trust him; it was very interesting to see how people reacted to the possibility of Remus' betrayal. :)

Yes, they hugged. :P I really thought this was a good opportunity to force them together, and make some progress there. It'll be slow, but I think most of the awkwardness will be gone after this. :)

She is alive - she'll be back in the next chapter. :) And Scrimgeour is a clever character, yes. :P

Haha, it was a good guess; I did drop hints from the beginning about it being a set-up, but I also worked very hard to try to cover that up, and make it seem unlikely. :P So yes, excellent detective skills. :P

I thought there had to be some family time after the whole battle/conspiracy ordeal, and I also thought I needed to give everyone a chance to warm toward Remus again. :P

Haha, he did, yes. :P Only Moody could have given Dora that speech to send her away with the other trainees. :P Aww, thank you. :) The bit with Moody was actually something I made up on the spot. :P Other bits I had planned. :)

Haha, it's summer holidays for me too, haha, which means I can dedicate more time to writing, haha. :P You go to uni in Adelaide?! Which one are you at?! I'm at the Uni of Adelaide, haha! :P

Aww, thank you! :D There's more to come, I promise! :D

Of this story... one chapter, haha. :P I'll start on the sequel 'Initiate' pretty much immediately, and likely pick up in June/July, just before school starts. :) The POVs will be where interesting things are happening; obviously Harry will get a bit of page time because he's learning and making friends, etc, but Sirius is an Auror now, and will have a very interesting (and rather personal) case to chase up, and Remus will have his own plot arc. Characters like Marlene and Dora will show up too, so don't worry that I'll leave the adults out; they'll have plenty of appearances. :)

I'm not, no; I've heard a bit about Ao3, but not branched out there yet, though I have gone to FF,net. :P Maybe it's time to spread again, haha. :) Aww, thank you. :)

You're very welcome. :) I get so many fantastic questions, and I enjoy answering them; it's incredible to see how engaged readers get with my work. :)

Definitely some Marauder-Harry stuff, and definitely a bit of Tonks, but I'm not sure about Marlene yet. :P You'll see on Sunday. :)

Thank you so much for the review!

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